50 Contoh Soal Degree of Comparison dan Kunci Jawaban

Memahami materi Degree of Comparison tidaklah sulit dengan mengerjakan beberapa contoh soal di bawah ini. Berikut 50 contoh soal tentang Degree of Comparison.

Multiple Choice

Choose the correct answer!

1. X : I think TV program is … than radio.
Y : i agree with you. TV has audio and visual system.
A. less interesting
B. more interesting
C. worse
D. the worst

2. Tania : I like the “Galaxy radio” very much. The programs are very interesting.
Vira : I know, it is good, but the “Family Radio” is …
A. good
B. worse
C. better
D. bad

3. Andi : We are in hurry. How should we go, Dul?
Dullah : I think motorcycle will be better, because it is … than bike.
A. fast
B. faster
C. slow
D. slower

4. Maman : I have to go to Jakarta tomorrow, but I don’t have enough money to buy a ticket. How can I go there?
Ilyas : You can go there by an economy-class train.
Maman : How about the executive-class?
Ilyas : It’s … the economy-class, but it is more expensive.
A. better than
B. the worst
C. worse than
D. the best

5. X : How did Andy jog in the race?
Y : he jogged quickly.
X : Really? How about Cendy?
Y : He was the winner. So he jogged …
A. as quickly as the others
B. more quickly than Andy
C. very quickly
D. the quickest of all

6. Child : Which bomb killed people, in Bali or at Marriott Hotel?
Father : The bomb in Bali killed about two hundred people. While at Marriott hotel there were ten people killed.
Child : So we can say that … than the one at Marriott Hotel.
Father : yes, that’s right.
A. the bomb in Bali killed more people
B. the bomb in Bali killed less people
C. the bomb at Marriott killed as many people
D. the bomb at Marriott Hotel killed more people

7. Putri : Was Indonesian team as strong as Japan?
Nanda : No, I think Japan was stronger than Indonesia.
Putri : But …, China, Japan or Indonesia?
Nanda : China.
A. which team is the strongest
B. which team is the weakest
C. which country plays better
D. which country plays better

8. He speaks … as his father.
A. more clearly
B. clearer
C. as clear
D. as clearly

9. Ani’s bag is cheap, and so is Rani’s. Ani’s bag is … as Rani’s.
A. the same cheap
B. as price
C. as cheaper
D. the same price

10. My watch is … than yours.
A. good
B. better
C. best
D. the same

11. Rini’s dress is the same … as Rina’s.
A. big
B. size
C. large
D. small

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12. His house is … than your house.
A. farer
B. further
C. farther
D. farthest

13. Amin is … student in the school.
A. as active as
B. the same active
C. more active
D. the most active

14. i was sick this morning but now I feel …
A. worse
B. better
C. the best
D. the worst

15. Endah: What do you think of those shirt?
Rina: I think the red one … than the others.
A. suitabler
B. the most suitable
C. more suitable
D. the suitablest

16. In 2000, England is the … in winter of all countries.
A. coolest
B. cooler
C. most cool
D. cool

17. X : Di you watch the sport program on TV last night?
Y : Yes, of course. I think Taufik Hidayat will be a champion in the Indonesia Open Tournament.
X : I think so. he played … than before.
A. carefully
B. more carefully
C. the most carefully
D. as carefully

18. John has ten marbles. Andi has fifteen marbles, but Doni has twenty. Which of the following is not correct?
A. Andi has more marbles than John.
B. Doni has the most marbles among them.
C. John has the least marbles among them.
D. Andi has more marbles than Doni.

19. Lina sings the song beautifully. Winda sings the song beautifully. We can combine the sentence into …
A. Lina sings the song the same beautifully as Winda.
B. Lina sings the song as beautifully as Winda.
C. Winda sings the song the same beautifully with Lina.
D. Winda sings the song not differently as Lina.

20. The book’s price is Rp. 10.000,00. The pencil’s price is Rp. 8.000,00. The book is … than the pencil.
A. expensive
B. more expensive
C. most expensive
D. as expensive as

Short Answer

Choose the correct answer!

21. The dog is … (big, bigger, biggest) than a rat.
22. I am the … (young, younger, youngest) in my family.
23. A pillow is … (soft, softer, softest) than a basketball.
24. This house is … (small, small, smaller) than ours.
25. I am … (old, older, oldest) among those boys.
26. This book … (important, more important, most important) than that one.
27. I feel … (happy, happier, happiest) than i did yesterday.
28. This is … (bad, worse, worst) moment I have ever had.
29. Algebra seems to be … (difficult, more difficult, most difficult) lesson for me.
30. The cost of living in Surabaya is … (cheap, cheaper, cheapest) than in Jakarta.
31. John is as … (hungry, hungrier, hungriest) as Jim.
32. Kate is … (beautiful, more beautiful, most beautiful) than Angeline.
33. Your clothes are … (dirty, dirtier, dirtiest) than mine.
34. I am the … (happy, happier, happiest) person in the whole world.
35. That monster is the … (ugly, uglier, ugliest) thing I have ever seen.
36. The Maths questions are as … (easy, easier, easiest) as ABC.
37. Pigs are … (fat, fatter, fattest) than snakes.
38. My shirt is … (clean, cleaner, cleanest) than yours.
39. This is the … (heavy, heavier, heaviest) bag of all.
40. To stay at home is … (good, better, best) than to go out in this pandemic.
41. I can cook as … (well, better, best) as you.
42. Danny is the … (clever, cleverer, cleverest) boy in the class.
43. Kenny is … (clever, cleverer, cleverest) than Kate.
44. I am as … (hardworking, more hardworking, most hardworking) as John.
45. A lion can run … (fast, faster, fastest) than a tortoise.
46. This year’s party started … (late, later, latest) than last year.
47. Gopal is as … (old, older, oldest) as she is.
48. I have never met anyone as … (pretty, prettier, prettiest) as you!
49. Who is the … (young, younger, youngest) person in this room?
50. John is as … (tall, taller, tallest) as Jim.

Answer KeY

1. B
2. C
3. B
4. A
5. D
6. A
7. A
8. C
9. D
10. B
11. B
12. C
13. D
14. B
15. C
16. A
17. B
18. D
19. B
20. B
36. EASY
41. WELL
47. OLD
50. TALL

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