2 Contoh Dongeng Berbahasa Inggris

Kita tentunya sudah tidak asing mendengar kata dongeng. Biasanya dongeng dibacakan sebelum tidur oleh para orang tua. Jika tidak pun, kita bisa menemukan berbagai macam dongeng di buku seperti majalah, surat kabar seperti koran bahkan buku pelajaran terutama buku Bahasa Indonesia dan Bahasa Inggris. Dongeng yang paling populer di Indonesia adalah ASAL MULA DANAU TOBA dan TIMUN EMAS. Berikut 2 contoh dongeng populer di Indonesia dalam Bahasa inggris.

Contoh Dongeng Berbahasa Inggris

The Origin of Lake Toba

Long time ago, there was a farmer named Toba, he lived alone in a gently sloping valley and lush. The farmer was working the fields for his daily needs.

After working, he used to go fishing to the river which was not far from his home. he liked fishing because the water of the river was very clear and it had a lot of fish. He would cook it when he got one or some fish.

One afternoon, after he returned from the field, he immediately went to the river for fishing. But, it had been a while he fished, he did not get any fish. This incident was never happened before. Because it always has so many fish and easy fishing. He had waited for so long. he got upset and decided to quit fishing.

But, when he was about to draw his line, it suddenly struck fishing, fishing rod was pulled away into the river. his heart which had been upset turned into joy directly, because he knew that he would get a big fish. After a while, he let the fish pulled his line here and there, then the rod was pulled slowly. When his rod was plucked behold, a great fish was hanging and floundered at the end of the rope pole. The fish quickly pulled to the ground, so, did not escape. His eyes and smile looked so happy. By the time, he was trying to release the hook, the fish looked at him meaningfully.

Then, the fish was placed into a pail, and he went to bathe into the river. His feeling elated because he never got that big fish. He was smile as he imagined how good the meat later when it was baked.

When he left the river on his way home, it was already dusk. Arriving home, he immediately took his big fish and brought it to the kitchen. when he was about to light a fire for grilling fish, the firewood in the kitchen had run out. So, he went out to fetch firewood from the ground under the house. then, he took a few pieces of firewood. He climbed back to the top of the house and went to the kitchen.

At the time he reached the kitchen, he was surprised because the big fish was not there anymore. But, there were several golds in the pail. He felt shock and surprise with this strange situation. He left the kitchen and went into the room.

When he opened the door, his blood suddenly drained because in the room stood a woman with long hair loose. She was combing her hair as she stood facing the mirror hanging on the wall. A moment later, she suddenly turned around and looked at the man who stood at the mouth of confusion bedroom door. He became very fascinated by the face of the woman who stood in front of her incredible beauty. He had never seen a woman so beautiful before.

Because it was night, she asked him to turn the lights on. After the man turned the light on, he had been invited by her to accompany her to the kitchen. she wanted to cook rice for them to eat.

While they were waiting for the food, as told by the woman that she was an reincarnation of the great fish that he had obtained when he was fishing in the river. And she continued explain that the pieces of golds was her reincarnation of her scales.

After several weeks, she lived at the farmer’s house. The farmer felt in love with her and wanted to marry her. He asked her to be his wife. The woman stated willing to accept his proposal on the condition that he should swear that for his entire life he would never bring his wife origin, or she would have turned to fish forever. He agreed, and he swore. Then, they were married.

A year later, they were blessed with a son whom they named Samosir. He was very spoiled, her child was resulting poorly tempered and lazy.

Once big enough, her mother asked for the boy’s hands to drove rice every day for his father who worked in the fields. However, he often refused to do the job that compelled her mother to deliver rice to the fields.

One day, the boy’s mother told to him again to deliver rice to his father’s field. At first, he refused. However, because his mother kept in force, he was angrily went to drove rice.

On the way, he felt hungry and thought that he could eat some of the rice. But, he was greedy and almost ate all. He recognized and kept the rest of the rice for his father. Arriving at the field, the boy gave it to his father. When received, the father was very hungry because it was too late. The father directly opened the rice and saw the rest of the rice, he became very angry. He asked his sin to confess who took up most of the rice. But, the boy did not tell the truth. His father became lost patience and beat him while yelled, “How dare you! You’re ungrateful kid, can not be taught. You’re the son of a fish!”

The boy ran away to home after hearing what his father said. He met his mother. He told everything happened to his mother and his father yelling instead. His mother shocked and felt sad. The farmer had broken the promise.

The mother told her son to immediately go up the hill which is located not so far from their home and climbed up to the tallest tree at the top of the hill. Without asking, he did what his mother’s order. he ran toward and climbed it.

After she checked that her son had already climbed up, she ran to the river. When arriving at the river’s edge, thunder and lighting struck. A moment later, she jumped into the river and suddenly turned into a big fish. At the same time, the river rose and fell became flood.

ads stream

When the river stopped flooding, the water was already overflowing and drowned the valley where the river went. Mr. Toba could not save himself, he drowned.

Over time, it is getting wider puddle and turn into a huge lake. Now, it is called Toba Lake. A small island, in the middle which is called Samosir Island.

Golden Cucumber and A Giant

Once upon a time, there lived a woman named Mbok Dhadap who was live in a small house at the edge of the jungle. She was the middle-aged who lived alone without friends or relatives. Mbok Dhadap wanted presence of a child desperately wanted to be with her. Everyday, she prayed of getting a child to accompany her.

One day, while looking for wood in the forest, Mbok Dhadap met with a giant, the king of the jungle who liked to eat humans. Mbok Dhadap trembled in fear, because she could not resist her fear, she started to wet her cloth with urine.

The giant laughed, his voice rumbling filled the air and eardrum-shattering. After laughed, the giant said to her to not afraid and came closer because the giant wanted to give her something. But, she still holding unimaginable fear of getting eaten by the giant. The giant laughed again and said, “Hua..ha…ha…I’m not fond of meat old woman like you, you have no taste, I’m sure it’s a lot of germs…yucks!”

Mbok Dhadap calmed down, knowing she would not be eaten by the giant. The giant continued the offer the giant will gave the baby to her with condition the giant would take it back after the baby has been 15 years old.

She was shocked and happy in the same time. She stunned for a while. Until the giant woke her up from her daydreaming. She agreed. Giant finally handed a tiny baby girl, beautiful and clean. She took the baby on her hands and saw the baby girl with tears on her eyes.

Giant reminded her to kept her words after 15 years from that moment on. Mbok Dhadap did not answer and left with baby on her hands. She went home happily.

Mbok Dhadap named the baby girl as Golden Cucumber because the skin was clean and sparkling like gold. She was very fond of golden cucumber, she loved and cared even the baby was not her own child. She did not feel lonely anymore because of golden cucumber. Golden cucumber called her “
Biyung”, which means mother.

Time went so fast, unfortunately, 15 years had passed. Golden cucumber grown into a graceful and beautiful girl, good appearance with long hair and inside beauty.

Mbok Dhadap remembered her promise to giant. She felt sad and confused. Every night before sleep, she prayed to God to save her lovely child, golden cucumber. Until one day, her prayer was answered in a dream. In her dream, she was asked to provide three types of goods to be brought by golden cucumber when ran away from the evil giant. The goods were cucumber seeds, needles and a piece of shrimp paste. In the early morning, she prepared and gave it to golden cucumber.

While giving the goods, she told golden cucumber what the problem was. she told her sadly and tears. Golden cucumber loved her mother so much, she did not want to leave her mother alone. She listened her mother carefully and would do what her mother asked for.

When she finished telling, she asked golden cucumber to ran away first from backyard of the house because the giant would come from front.

Twenty minutes left. The giant came to take golden cucumber. But, Mbok Dhadap told the giant that golden cucumber had run away 5 minutes ago. She told the giant different path. The giant left her to find golden cucumber. Giants left with anger to find Golden Cucumber.

However, at full speed ran, Golden Cucumber could not comparable with the Giant. She saw it, she ran faster and faster. But, the giant was getting closer and just tens meters from Golden Cucumber. In the midst of confusion and fear, golden cucumber remembered what she had from biyung to spread the cucumber seeds for first time if giants would catch her. It spread, without waiting any longer, magically, cucumber seeds turned into forest cucumber with ripe fruit and fresh. It made the giant stunned look the ripe cucumber which stretched in front of him. Giant looked liked being hypnotized, so decide to enjoy it first and forgot what giant had to do. Giant ate all greedily. While golden cucumber ran away far from giant.

Giant fell asleep, but not for long time. When giant realized, giant directly stood up and started find golden cucumber.

Second time, golden cucumber almost caught by giant, she immediately threw needles. Truly magical, needles instantly turned into a dense bamboo forest full of thorns, giant got difficult to pass. Seeing that, golden cucumber immediately sprinting left the giant away.

But, giant could escape from the bamboo forest. Giant approached golden cucumber again. On the sidelines of desperation, she remembered that she still had one last weapon, it was a shrimp paste. therefore, once the giant approached, immediately threw it to giant. Magically, it turned into a sea of mud and giant plunged into it. Then, giant sank until gone.

Golden cucumber sighed. Sense of relief, tired, but happy. She felt grateful to God. Finally, she ran to home to meet her Biyung . They lived happily ever after.

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