Contoh Soal Announcement Bahasa Inggris Dan Jawaban

Announement atau pengumuman adalah pernyataan ( pemberitahuan resmi) dalam bentuk lisan atau tulisan yang berisi sesuatu untuk diketahui oleh orang banyak. Kita sering menemukan banyak sekali Announcement (pengumuman) ini diberbagai tempat mulai dari sekolah, stasiun, toko, bandara, hotel, tempat wisata dan lainnya. Berikut contoh bank soal tentang Announcement materi pelajaran Bahasa Inggris yang bisa digunakan sebagai ujian pembelajaran murid.

Contoh Soal Announcements Materi Bahasa Inggris

The following test is for question 1 to 3.

The students of Grade VII are allowed to wear their elementary shool uniforms while the new school uniforms are on the wesing proess. They should wear the new school uniforms, white and blue, on Monday, 1st June 2020. For those whose uniforms have not available yet on the date should get the homeroom teachers’ permission letter before Saturday, 6th June 2020.
Thanks you for you attention.

Futu Hatur Robbaniyah
  1. What is the purpose of the text?
    A. To tell the readers about the school rule.
    B. To inform the readers about the uniform rule.
    C. To remind the readers to wear the school uniform.
    D. To announe the readers about the permission letter rule.
  2. From the text, we can conclude that ….
    A. the new students should wear their old uniforms.
    B. the announcement is addressed to all the students.
    C. the announcement is delivered by a homeroom teacher.
    D. the news students may wear their old uniforms on the due date.
  3. “The students of Grade VII are allowed to wear their elementary school uniform.”
    The bolded word can be replaced with …..
    A. wished
    B. banned
    C. permitted
    D. requested

The following test is for question 4 to 6.

Welcome to the school academic year! We would like to announce that we have launched a digital membership card. Please change your old card with the new one so you can borrow books. The card replacement will be done during this week. The new student should register new membership cards. Each class should be coordinated by the class captain.
Thans you for attention.
  1. What is the announcement about?
    A. The new registration.
    B. The card replacement.
    C. The new membership card.
    D. The launching of membership cards.
  2. Who is the text addressed to?
    A. All the students.
    B. The old members.
    C. The new students.
    D. The class captains.
  3. Where do you probably read the announcement?
    A. in a classroom.
    B. in a school library.
    C. in a teacher room.
    D. in a language laboratory.

The following test is for question 7 to 9.

To : Primagama Students

Primagama opens a trial lass for English conversation for three meetings. We only open 5 classes with ten students for each class. It is free charge. Please register to Mr. Vandra, the customer service. The class will start next week.
Thanks you for your attention.

The Management of Primagama
  1. Who is delivered the announcement?
    A. An English tutor.
    B. The course’s students.
    C. The course’s manager.
    D. The customer service.
  2. From the text, we an infer that the announcement is …. for the Primagama students.
    A. urgent
    B. surprising
    C. valuable
    D. amusing
  3. Why do you think the Primagama students will take the trial class?
    A. The participant are limited.
    B. The trial class is complimentary.
    C. The trial class will start soon.
    D. The course only open a few classes.

The following test is for question 10 to 12.

Bacteria Design and Arts School
proudly announce
Short Cartoon Movie Competition

Noew open to all the participants!
For more information,
read the rules and regulation at

Submit your movie before 18th November 2020
At Bacteria Design and Arts School
Jl. Bulak Setro no.50c Surabaya

The announcement of the winners will be published on 25th November 2020 on our website. The winners will reeive with Bacteria Channels.

Grab this awesome opportunity!
  1. What is the writer’s intention to write the text?
    A. To notify about a competition.
    B. To announce about school event.
    C. To invite people to support an event.
    D. To explain the rules of a ompetition.
  2. What should people do if they want to know more about the competition?
    A. Visit its website
    B. Check its channel
    C. Meet the commitee
    D. Send letter to the office
  3. Who do you thinks interested in attending the competition?
    A. An actor.
    B. A painter.
    C. An animator.
    D. A cameramen.

The following test is for question 13 to 15.


The bicycle shed for the students is under construction. For a while stundents are allowed to park their bicycles in front of their respective classes. Keep in mind. Park your bicycles accordingly.
Please lock your bicycles.
  1. Where do you read the text?
    A. On the school’s announcement board.
    B. In the teacher’s office.
    C. At the school canteen.
    D. In the headmaster’s room.
  2. What should the students do after reading the text?
    A. Keep an eye on their bicycles.
    B. Park their bicycles properly.
    C. Park their bicycles at the alley.
    D. Leave their bicycles at home.
  3. Which words in the text have the same meaning as ‘remember’?
    A. Park accordingly.
    B. Allowed to park.
    C. Under contruction.
    D. Keep in mind.

ads stream

The following test is for question 16 to 18.

To : All the Students
Due to yesterday’s laboratory fire accident, the laboratory area has become unsafe. The chemical spillage might be harmful for our respiratory system. Therefore, you are prohibited to be near the laboratoy area under all circumstances until further notification. Thanks you.

  1. What is the text about?
    A. A fire accident.
    B. Students prohibition.
    C. Dangerous chemicals.
    D. A laboratory reconstruction.
  2. What should the readers do acording to the text?
    A. Stay away from the laboratory.
    B. Warn other about the laboratory.
    C. Help prevent more fire accidents.
    D. Clean the chemicals from the laboratory.
  3. Why does the laboratory area become unsafe?
    A. The laboratory is fragile because of the fire.
    B. The hemicals might harm the students.
    C. The ashes can make the students uniforms dirty.
    D. The students can hurt themselves from the rubbles.

The following test is for question 19 to 21.

The school is going to have several activities, to celebrate the Heroes Day which will be held on 9th November 2020 from 7 a.m to 1 p.m. Here are the agendas:
– holding a flag hoisting ceremony,
– visiting the heroes cemetery
– giving parcels to the veterans, and
– enjoying a drama entitled “Surabaya Battle” presented by Drama Club
All teachers and students should take part in the event. They who cannot attend the event should submit the permission letter to the headmistress for the teachers and homeroom teachers for the students.
Thanks you for your attention.

Ariani Rizky
  1. What is the intention to commemorate the heroes day?
    A. To enliven the special day.
    B. To know the veterans’ struggle.
    C. To appreciate the heroes’ merits.
    D. To show the Heroes Day’s history.
  2. To whom is the announcement written?
    A. The veterans.
    B. The drama club members.
    C. The teahers and students
    D. The headmistress and teachers.
  3. The event is compulsory, so all the addressed people ….
    A. have to attend the event
    B. should enclose the permission letters
    C. must take part in a drama show
    D. may skip the event without handing permission letters

The following test is for question 22 to 24.

To facilitate our customers with better service, we provide online banking service. With online banking, you can do transactions anytime and anywhere they have access to the internet.You can check the account balances, make transfers, do payment and much more. Of course, it will make your life easier.

For more information, please contact our customer service officers.
  1. What do the customers need to use the facilitation?
    A. A credit card.
    B. An account book.
    C. An internet access.
    D. A Sum of money.
  2. Where can you read the announcement?
    A. At school.
    B. In a bank.
    C. in a town park.
    D. in a shopping mall.
  3. What will the interested people probably do after reading the announcement?
    A. Browse the internet.
    B. Buy a new smartphone.
    C. Find an access to the internet.
    D. Contact the customer sevice officer.

The following test is for question 25 to 27.

Our school’s swimming club is looking for competitive swimmers. By joining this swimming club, you will certainly develop your swimming skill and stamina while making friends and learning sportmanship. All students are welcome to join in one condition you can swim. There will be a selection test to be accepted in our primary team.

If you’d like to participate, please see the club office to pick up a registration form. For further information, you may contact Futu from Class VIIIC.
  1. What is the text about?
    A. A swimming competition?
    B. School’s swimming club.
    C. The benefits of swimming.
    D. Recruitment for swimmers.
  2. Who might issue the text?
    A. The school headmaster.
    B. Futu from Class VIIIC.
    C. The swimming club’s captain.
    D. A member of the swimming club.
  3. What should interested student do to join?
    A. Contact Futu soon.
    B. Take a selection test.
    C. Fill in the registration form.
    D. Practice swimming regularly.

The following test is for question 28 to 30.

To commemorate our school anniversary and increase students’ creativity and sensitivity towards environment, our school will hold a documentary film making contest. You are free to choose your own topic. There will be two categories of the contest, individually and in groups.
Please submit your film to the committe no later than 31st June 2020. We provide special prizes for three winners.
For registration, please contact Mrs.Futu ( 08123456789 ).

Vandra Septian
  1. What is the text about?
    A. A contest of a film making.
    B. A school anniversary celebration.
    C. Students creativity at making a film.
    D. Students sensitivity towards environment.
  2. Where can you read the announcement?
    A. In a park
    B. At school
    C. In a treatre
    D. In a shopping mall
  3. What will the interested students do soon after reading the announcement?
    A. Call Mrs. Futu for enrollment.
    B. Determine the topics of their films.
    C. Submit their film to the committee.
    D. Prepare the equipment to make a film.

Kunci Jawaban

  1. B
  2. D
  3. C
  4. C
  5. A
  6. B
  7. C
  8. C
  9. B
  10. A
  11. A
  12. C
  13. A
  14. B
  15. D
  16. B
  17. A
  18. B
  19. C
  20. C
  21. A
  22. C
  23. B
  24. D
  25. D
  26. C
  27. C
  28. A
  29. B
  30. A

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