Contoh Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas 6 SD Ujian Nasional

Berikut contoh soal ujian nasional dengan materi pelajaran bahasa inggris untuk tingkat kelas 6 sekolah dasar ( SD ) yang bisa digunakan sebagai ujian pembelajaran murid.

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Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas 6 SD Sekolah Dasar

Soal Pilihan Ganda

Read the following text carefully

To the waduk darma
Last week, Futu and her family went a picnic to waduk darma. Waduk Darma is lake. It is Kuningan district. In the morning they went to waduk darma by a car.
At ten o’clock they arrived at waduk darma. A lot of people spend their holiday. They enjoyed the beautiful lake. At the afternoon, they went home. A long the way the slept. They felt tired, but they were happy.

The question no.1 to no.5 based on the text above.

  1. “Where Futu and her family to a picnic?” They go to ….
    A. Waduk siguling
    B. Waduk darma
    C. Waduk carita
    D. Waduk jatiluhur
  2. When did go to a picnic? They went…..
    A. Last Year
    B. Last Mount
    C. Last Week
    D. Last Day
  3. X : Waduk darma is a lake
    Y : “….”
    A. Yes, it doestn’t
    B. Yes, he does
    C. Yes, they do
    D. Yes, it
  4. A lot of people spend their …. at waduk darma
    A. Money
    B. Paper
    C. Holiday
    D. Time
  5. “Why did they sleep a long the way?” Because were they ….
    A. Felt thirsty
    B. Felt tired
    C. Felt sad
    D. Felt hungry
  1. Pangandaran Beach is situated in ….
    A. Ciamis regency
    B. Tasikmalaya district
    C. Cianjur district
    D. Kuningan district
  2. There are three …. at the top of mount Tangkuban Perahu.
    A. Slopes
    B. Craters
    C. Smokes
    D. Hills
  3. The name dam in Purwakarta distrik is ….
    A. Saguling
    B. Cirata
    C. Waduk darma
    D. Jatiluhur
  4. Tangkuban Perahu, Galunggung, Tampomas, and Ciremai are kind mount in ….
    A. East Java
    B. Central Java
    C. West Java
    D. Banten
  5. The creater produce …. counlinuosly
    A. Wind
    B. Smoke
    C. Slope
    D. Hills
  1. This is a …..
    A. Leaf
    B. Root
    C. Twig
    D. Branch
  2. Ranca Upas and domas are kind names of ….
    A. Mount
    B. Lakes
    C. Rivers
    D. Creates
  3. In the winter season everything become …. because it is covered by snow
    A. Red
    B. White
    C. Yellow
    D. Blue
  4. Indonesia have …. seasons.
    A. 2
    B. 3
    C. 4
    D. 5
  5. In the summer, temperature is ….
    A. warm
    B. Cold
    C. Cood
    D. Hot
  1. The sun sets in the ….
    A. East
    B. North
    C. West
    D. South
  2. Kwaci is made form …
    A. Lotus
    B. Apel
    C. Orchid
    D. Sunflower
  3. A man who sends some letters is called ….
    A. Teller
    B. Postcard
    C. Postman
    D. Deksman
  4. If you go to lampung, you have to cross,,, by ferry
    A. Sunda strait
    B. Karimata strait
    C. Bali strait
    D. Lombok strait
  5. ……. carries oil from country to country.
    A. Boat ship
    B. Ferry
    C. Submarine
    D. Tanker ship
  1. A woman who gives the information and serve as long in plane is called…
    A. Steward
    B. Stewardess
    C. Pilot
    D. Passenger
  1. Mr.Vandra goes to America by ….
    A. Bus
    B. Train
    C. Plane
    D. Ship
  2. When the rice is going ripe farmer guard form ….
    A. Dog
    B. Cat
    C. Owl
    D. Birds
  3. Mr. Bagus work in the rice field. He is a……
    A. Farmer
    B. Courier
    C. Maid
    D. Unemployment
  4. Mother cooks in the …
    A. living room
    B. bedroom
    C. kitchen
    D. bathroom
  1. The uniform of elementary school student are …..
    A. While and blue
    B. While and gray
    C. While and red
    D. While and yellow
  2. After finishing the elementary school, the students continous their study to ….
    A. Junior High School
    B. Senior High School
    C. University
    D. Vocational School
  3. In senior high school, your study as long as …. years
    A. 3
    B. 4
    C. 5
    D. 6
  4. My mother wants to buy meats, rice, and carrots. She goes to …..
    A. Laboratory
    B. Hospital
    C. Market
    D. School
  5. Arin : “How …. is that?”
    Samson : “That is five thousabd rupiah a kg.”
    A. Does
    B. Do
    C. Many
    D. Much
  1. Is – a very – telephone – hand phone – practical. The correct sentence is ….
    A. Hand phone is a very practical telephone
    B. Hand phone is a very telephone practical
    C. Hand phone practical is a very telephone
    D. Hand phone a very is practical telephone
  2. Mr. Vandra : “Hallo, Good morning”
    Mrs. Rezty : “hallo, ……..”
    A. Good afternoon
    B. Good Bye
    C. Good morning
    D. See you later
  3. Mr. Vandra : “Thank you for your time so far, Mrs. Futu . See you later.”
    Mrs. Futu : “……..”
    A. Good afternoon
    B. See you later
    C. Good morning
    D. Good evening
  4. I sleep in the …..
    A. living room
    B. bedroom
    C. kitchen
    D. bathroom
  5. The day after Friday is …..
    A. Saturday
    B. Sunday
    C. Monday
    D. Tuesday

Soal Isian

  1. Mention 4 name of mount in West Java!
  2. Mention 2 kinds of seasons in indonesia!
  3. Rearrage these words into good sentence!
    Goes – My – to – in the – mother – morning – the market
  4. What should be say, when you receive firstly a call by phone?
    Kring…. Kring …, (ringing phone)
    Karin : ……
    Tutus : Hello, can i speak Mrs.Karin
    Karin : Yes, ……..
  5. Make three command sentence!

Kunci Jawaban

Kunci Jawaban Soal Pilihan Ganda

  1. B
  2. C
  3. D
  4. C
  5. B
  6. A
  7. B
  8. D
  9. C
  10. B
  11. A
  12. B
  13. B
  14. A
  15. D
  16. C
  17. D
  18. C
  19. A
  20. D
  21. B
  22. C
  23. D
  24. A
  25. C
  26. C
  27. A
  28. A
  29. C
  30. D
  31. A
  32. C
  33. B
  34. B
  35. A

Kunci Jawaban Soal Isian

  1. Sebutkan 4 gunung di jawa barat.
    • Tangkuban perahu
    • Ciremai
    • Tampomas
    • Papandayan.
  2. Dry and Rain season
  3. My mother goes to the market in the morning!
  4. Kring…. Kring …, (ringing phone)
    Karin : Hello
    Tutus : Hello, can i speak Mrs.Karin
    Karin : Yes, i’m here
  5. 1.Open the door, please!
    2. close your book, please!
    3. go out, please!

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