60 Soal Conditional Sentences Dan Kunci Jawaban Part 2

Materi conditional sentences yang telah dipelajari tidak akan benar-benar dipahami tanpa latihan soal. Berikut adalah beberapa contoh latihan soal conditional sentences per tipe part 2 agar mempermudah kalian dalam memahami apa itu kalimat bersyarat atau conditional sentences.

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A. Soal Tipe Zero and First Conditional

Soal Pilihan Ganda

1. If Lindis … (have) enough time, Lindis watches TV every evening.
a. has
b. had
c. have

Jawabannya: A (has)

2. If he … (know), this will happen, he would never left her.
a. know
b. knows
c. had known

Jawabannya: B (knows)

3.If it … (rain), what always happens?
a. rain
b. rains
c. rained

Jawabannya: B (rains)

4. You … (bake) an apple pie this afternoon If you have enough apples.
a. bake
b. will bake
c. would bake

Jawabannya: B (will bake)

5. You … (fall) in love with me if you text me intensely.
a. fall
b. falls
c. will fall

Jawabannya: C (will fall)

6. If I … (not;get) wrong, you’ll move to Canada.
a. do not get
b. am not get
c. will not get

Jawaban: A (do not get)

7. It … (be) the end if you want to broke up.
a. is
b. am
c. are

Jawabannya: A (is)

8. We … (not;can) be together if your parents don’t permit us.
a. can
b. will can
c. can not

Jawabannya: C (can not)

9. If Shinta … (ask) you to come, you have to come.
a. ask
b. Asks
c. will ask

Jawabannya: B (asks)

10. If Tiara get good score at English, she … (get) a gift.
a. get
b. gets
c. will get

Soal Isian Singkat

11. You have to go to safe place if there … (be) earthquake.
12. If Diana asks Jerry to come, Jerry … (have) to come.
13. If Scientist find the antivirus, the virus … (go) away.
14. She will get heart attack if her son … (tell) a shocking news.
15. If i can say this, you … (leave) me.
16. I will love you if you … (can) prove it.
17. … (not;fall) in love with him if you don’t want to get hurt!
18. Sera will hate Theresa if she … (spread) fake news about her.
19. If Hanif wants to meet me, He … (have) to come here.
20. If the plane delays, we … (be) late for the concert.

11. is
12. has
13. will go
14. tells
15. will leave
16. can
17. do not
18. spreads
19. has
20. will be

B. Soal Tipe Second Conditional

Soal Pilihan Ganda

1. If he … (be) you, he would do bad thing to me.
a. was
b. were
c. being

Jawabannya: B (were)

2. Habib would be a headmaster if he … (pay) for it.
a. pay
b. pays
c. paid

Jawabannya: C (paid)

3. I would buy many luxurious houses if I … (win) the lottery.
a. won
b. win
c. would won

Jawabannya: A (won)

4. If Brian got her, he … (treat) us in Sushi’s Cafe.
a. treats
b. treated
c. would treat

Jawabannya: C (would treat)

5. She would find somebody if she … (can) finish the quest.
a. can
b. could
c. would can

Jawabannya: B (could)

6. You’d be safe if you … (listen) to me.
a. listened
b. would listen
c. listen

Jawabnnya: A (listen)

7. If you were a singer, you … (be) famous.
a. were
b. will be
c. would be

Jawabannya: C (would be)

8. We … (start) the party if the owner gave the sign.
a. started
b. will start
c. would start

Jawabannya: C (would start)

9. If the bar closed, they … (change) the next bar.
a. would change
b. will change
c. changed

Jawabannya: A (would change)

10. She would regret if she … (know) his characters.
a. knew
b. will know
c. would know

Jawabannya: A (knew)

Soal Isian Singkat

11. He would climb every mountains if you … (leave) him.
12. We would feel it if it …(have) good aroma.
13. If Shinta cut the rope, she … (be) safe.
14. I would fix your bicycle if I … (have) a screwdriver of the proper size.
15. If Sally … (be) in her office, she would answer the phone.
16. If they … (get) a bunch of money, they would spread it from helicopter.
17. The Gangster … (kill) you if you met them in the street.
18. If I saw Megalodon, I … (take) a pict.
19. If we saved you, what … you (give) to us?
20. If policemen … (catch) many thieves, the jail would be full.

11. left
12. had
13. would be
14. had
15. were
16. got
17. would kill
18. would take
19. would give
20. caught

C. Soal Tipe Third Conditional

Soal Pilihan Ganda

1. If had woken up earlier, I … (arrive) school now.
a. would arrive
b. would arrived
c. would have arrived

Jawabannya: C (would have arrived)

2. If you had asked her to prom, she … (come) with you.
a. would come
b. would have come
c. would have came

Jawabannya: B (would have come)

3. Diana would have answer you if you … (get) louder call her.
a. had gotten
b. had get
c. got

Jawabannya: A (had gooten)

4. If I … (have) enough money, I would have gone with you.
a. have had
b. had had
c. would have

Jawabannya: B (had had)

5. If the weather had been nice yesterday, we … (go) to the zoo.
a. would go
b. would have go
c. would have gone

Jawabannya: C (would have gone)

6. We would have been in peace if we … (not;fight) each other.
a. hadn’t fight
b. wouldn’t fight
c. hadn’t fought

Jawabannya: C (hadn’t fought

7. If I hadn’t slipped on the stairs, I … (not;broke) my arms.
a. wouldn’t have broken
b. wouldn’t have broke
c. would break

Jawabannya: A (would have broken)

8. The would have passed the exam if they … (study).
a. studied
b. would study
c. had studied

Jawabannya: C (had studied)

9. If Alex had read the label, he … (not;wash) his sweater in hot water.
a. would wash
b. wouldn’t have wash
c. wouldn’t have washed

Jawabannya: C (wouldn’t have washed)

10. If I had known you before married, I … (choose) you.
a. would have chose
b. would have chosen
c. would have choose

Jawabannya: B (would have chosen)

Soal Isian singkat

11. If we had been married, I … (feel) happy.
12. We would have lived together if you … (marry) me.
13. Chyntia … (sing) a sad song if her boyfriend had broken up with her.
14. If our gardener had gone, we … (have) messy garden.
15. If you had seen the doctor earlier, you … (get) well sooner.
16. If Marianne had been alive, we … (be) sad.
17. My family would have gone to Mecca if Covid-19 … (dissappear).
18. We would have been together if we … (decide) it earlier.
19. If I had accepted this condition, you … (make) me happier.
20. If Vandra hadn’t broken up with her girlfriend, he … (earn) less money.

11. would have felt
12. had married
13. had sung
14. would have had
15. would have gotten
16. would have been
17. had dissappeared
18. had decided
19. would have made
20. would have earned

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