12 Contoh Soal Letters / E-mails Bahasa Inggris Dan Kunci Jawaban

Letters (surat) atau email (surat elektronik) adalah sarana komunikasi visual yang tertulis. Di jaman modern sekarang ini surat tidak harus berupa tulisan di kertas dan dimasukan kedalam amplop, tapi juga bisa menggunakan Email ( electronic mail ) yang lebih cepat dan efesien. Surat terdiri dari beberapa bagian, antara lain :

  1. Alamat pengirim surat (the sender’s address)
  2. Tanggal penulisan surat (the date of writing the letter)
  3. Alamat penerima surat (the receiver’s address)
  4. Salam pembuka (salutation/greeting)
  5. Isi surat (the body of the letter)
  6. Penutup (closing) yang berisi salam penutup, tanda tangan dan nama pengirim surat.

Sedangkan untuk bagian email, antara lain :

  1. Header
    Header berisi informasi tentang pengirim dan penerima email, waktu pengiriman, dan subjek surat.
  2. Message body
    bagian ini menjelaskan isi surat.
  3. Signature
    Bagian ini menunjukan identitas pengirim surat.

Contoh Soal Letters / E-mail Materi Bahasa Inggris

The following test is for question 1 to 3.

9th March 2021

Dear Zulfa,
How is everything? i hope you really enjoy you new life in Yogyakarta. How is your new town? I heard Yogyakarta is a wonderful city with many tourist attractions and rich of culture. i really want to hear your story about you new town.
I’m writing this letter to tell your good news. My father is going to move to Solo due to his job next month. It means that my family will move to Solo next July because we wait for the new academic year. My sister and i are going to countinue our studies in Solo.
Anyway, Solo is near Yogyakarta, isn’t it? I hear Solo has many tourist destinations and rich of culture too. Have you ever visited Solo? I wonder about this City. You know, i never visit cities in Java, so i am really curious.
I will visit you when i stay in Solo. i heard there is a local train connecting Solo and Yogyakarta. Wow, it will be wonderful! There is no train in Sulawesi.
That’s all my letter. Please tell me about the tho beautiful cities. I look forward to hearing you soon, bye.

Your best friend,

  1. Why does Vandra send the letter to Zulfa?
    A. To invite to visit Solo.
    B. To inform his move to Solo.
    C. To ask her to fecth him in Solo.
    D. To remind her about their town.
  2. What does Zulfa probably feel when reading the letter?
    A. Proud
    B. Happy
    C. Amused
    D. Amazed
  3. What will Zulfa probably write to reply Vandra’s letter?
    A. Her experience taking a local train.
    B. Her family life taking a Yogyakarta.
    C. Her new school in Yogyakarta.
    D. The description of Solo and Yogyakarta.

The following test is for question 4 to 6.

ads stream

To : pamungkas90@gmail.com
From : ariani91@gmail.com
Subject : Wonderful experience

Hi, my cousin. How are you and your family? I hope our big family are fine. We are fine too. I really miss our hometown. We plan to return home next holiday, so we can spend our time together.
Well, let me tell you about my wonderful experience here. You know, my house is near a beach. In our hometown , we only visit the beaches during our long holidays, but i visit the beach almost every day noew. That’s wonderful! All of my friends are good at swimming and snorkeling, even during. I was not really good, but i am still afraid to dive. Now, i am still learning. I hope i can dive soon.
You know, the beach here is so beautiful with clear water. I like snorkeling and enjoy a beautiful marine life. My friends and i also like to ride a boat floating on the clear water. We can see beautiful marine life from the boat. i really want to bring all of our family here, to enjoy beautiful place. Anyway do you want to come her next holiday? Lest’s spend a week holiday in our hometown and a week holiday here. That sound a great idea, right?
That’s all my story. Looking forward to your story.


  1. What is the writer’s intention to write the text?
    A. To inform that she will return home.
    B. To state how she misses her hometown.
    C. To ask Pamungkas to share his experience.
    D. To tell her experience living a seahore.
  2. From the text, we can conclude that ….
    A. the writer loves the beach
    B. the writer is good at diving
    C. the writer occasionaly visits the beach
    D. the writer spends her spare time at home
  3. “…., but t͟h͟e͟y͟ taught me how to do those amazing activities.” (paragraph 2)
    The underlined word refers to ….
    A. the riter’s friends
    B. the riter’s parents
    C. the riter’scousins
    D. the riter’sbig family

The following test is for question 7 to 9.

Dear Dayana,

How’s life? i hope you are having great times there.
Time passes by fast. You have left this town for two years and if you revisit, you will see many changes. One of them is the park where we used to spend our Sunday mornings.
Now the park has become more beautiful. The facilities have also improved: there are jogging and cycling tracks, a wide playground for cildren and a wide green lawn with many shady trees on the edges. Futhermore, it is cleaner and tidier.
Last sunday morning i went there with my parent. The park was already crowded. Most children were enjoying their tme at the playground while their parents were sitting on the available benches, talking with others. On the lawn, there were several small families, sitting on mats and enjoying their meals.
The holiday will soon arrive. So, will you visit me? i’ll take you to the park and we’ll have a great time like we used to. i look forward to you reply.

Miss you,

  1. Who is Dayana?
    A. Dayana’s new friend
    B. Dayana’s neighbour
    C. Dayana’s old friend
    D. Dayana’s pen pal
  2. What is the main idea of paragraph four?
    A. People in the park
    B. Exercising in the park
    C. Having a picnic at the park
    D. People’s activities at the park
  3. What can you conclude from the text?
    A. Dayana wont’s visit Linda next holiday
    B. People didn’t like the old park
    C. Dayana hasn’t been to the new park
    D. Linda moved to another town two years ago

The following test is for question 10 to 12.

To : Raikhana1996@gmail.com
From : Vandra1994@gmail.com
Subject : Hi

Dear Raikhana,

Hi, Raikhana, im Vandra, Fara’s pen pal. i know you from Arin. He is your pen pal, right? Would you like to be my pen pal too?
Well, let me introduce myself. My name is Vandra Septian. You can call me Vandra. I live in Denpasar with my family. it is the capital city from Bali, the most famous destination in our country. I study at SMK Bangsa Grade XII. I heard you are at the same grade, right? Are you busy to prepare your testes too? Now, i’m preparing for the school examination. I hope we receive the best result.
I like correspondence. I have many pen pals from all over world. We have a good communication. I often help them when they visit Bali. I help them find recommend hotels and tourist destinations. Several of them even stay in my house. If you visit Bali, please visit me.
That’s all about me. I’m looking forward to your reply . Thank you.


  1. What is the letter about?
    A. Self introduction
    B. A trip to Bali
    C. Correspondence
    D. Test preparation
  2. Paragraph three tells us about the writer’s……
    A. family
    B. interest
    C. friends
    D. school
  3. What will Raikhana do after receiving the letter?
    A. Go to Bali.
    B. Visit Vandra.
    C. Reply the letter.
    D. Send a letter to Arin.

Kunci Jawaban

  1. B
  2. B
  3. D
  4. D
  5. A
  6. A
  7. C
  8. D
  9. C
  10. A
  11. B
  12. C
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