40 Contoh Soal Notice Bahasa Inggris Dan Kunci Jawaban

Notice atau pemberitahuan adalah informasi singkat dan sederhana yang ditunjukan kepada banyak orang. Notice digunakan untuk memberi instruksi , informasi atau peringatan kepada publik. Berikut contoh bank soal tentang Notice materi pelajaran Bahasa Inggris yang bisa digunakan sebagai ujian pembelajaran murid.

Contoh Soal Notice Materi Bahasa Inggris

The following test is for question 1 to 2.


The lift is out of action due to electrical demage.
Please use stairs beside the lift.

We apologise for this inconvenience.
  1. What is the writer’s intention to write the notice?
    A. To ask people to use stairs.
    B. To apologise for the lift’s condition.
    C. To inform people about electrical demage.
    D. To show the stairs location.
  2. Where do you probably read the notice?
    A. in a storey house
    B. in a private house
    C. in a park area
    D. in a skyscraper

The following test is for question 3 to 5.

To: School band’s members

We are going to hold a charity programme to celebrate the school music club anniversary next month. We are going to perform a music show bands in a multipurpose building in front of our school. The donation will be distributed to people in need around our school. Please prepare yourselves to show your best performance. The commitee will arrange the event.
Thanks you.

Futu Hatur
  1. What is the text about?
    A. The information about an event.
    B. The notice about school band’s activities.
    C. The information about a school anniversary.
    D. The explanation about school event.
  2. What should the addressed people do after reading the text?
    A. Prepare the location.
    B. Arrange the event.
    C. Pratice with their bands.
    D. Meet the sender.
  3. “We are going to hold charity programme ….”
    What does “charity” mean?
    A. The act of presenting concert.
    B. The voluntary giving of help.
    C. The items given to others in need.
    D. The celebration of an event.

The following test is for question 6 to 8.

Notice to Visitors

– Visitors who are using handphone cameras, digital cameras or video cameras in the museum area will be charged. Please pay for the charge in the ticket counter.
– Ensure to stick the stickers on your devices during your trip. Lost of the stickers on your devices during your trip. Lost of the stickers will be fined.
– For those who are not them at the museum counter. Keep the receipt.
– Never use flash to take the pictures in the museum area to protect the worth historical items.
  1. What is the purpose of the notice?
    A. To remind visitors to use their camera devices.
    B. To explain visitors how to use camera devices properly.
    C. To inform visitors about the rules of using camera device.
    D. To notify visitors to leave their camera devices in the counter.
  2. What should visitors do to have permission to take photos?
    A. Visit the museum counter.
    B. Pay for the fine at the ticket counter.
    C. Collect their cameras at the museum counter.
    D. Buy the stickers at the ticket counter.
  3. What will happen if visitors ignore the notice?
    A. The will be in trouble.
    B. The will lose their cameras.
    C. The will disturb other visitors.
    D. They will be fined.

The following test is for question 9 to 10.


Please don’t park your bicycles in the parking lot near the laboratory building because it is under contruction.
We will not responsible to any damage because of the fault in parking your vehicles.

Futu Hatur Robbaniyah, S.Pd, M.Pd.
  1. Where do you probably read the notice?
    A. in the laboratory building.
    B. in the headmistress’ room.
    C. At all the parking lot in front of the school.
    D. in the bicycle shed near the laboratory.
  2. What does it mean if a student parks his/her bicycle near laboratory building?
    A. The student should pay the fine.
    B. The damage of his/her bicyle will be his/her own risk.
    C. The headmistress endures the bicycle damage.
    D. The place is highly recommended to park.

The following test is for question 11 to 13.

Ladies ang gentlemen, in a few minutes Ambarawa will be arriving in the Surabaya. To all passengers who end the trip in Madiun, please prepare your belongings. We remind you to stay in your seats until the train stops. Thank you for using our sevices and see you on the next trip.
  1. Where do you hear the announcement?
    A. At a railway station.
    B. On a train.
    C. On a plane.
    D. in a market.
  2. The passengers have to stay in their seats because …..
    A. they may fall when the vehicle stops.
    B. they should keep their belongings.
    C. the vehicle will stop immediately.
    D. they should listen to the announcement.
  3. “To all passengers who end the trip in Madiun, please prepare your belongings.”
    The bolded word can be replaced by……
    A. schedules
    B. tickets
    C. properties
    D. decisions

The following test is for question 14 to 16.


The road in front of school will be recontructed tomorrow. it will take several days. Of course, the road will be narrower and crowded. Therefore, students, school staff and teachers should arrive at school early. Please be informed, thanks you.

Mrs. Ariani Rizky
  1. Who is the announcement for?
    A. The students.
    B. The teachers.
    C. The school staff.
    D. All school members.
  2. The students have to arrive at school early….
    A. in order to be able to do the test well
    B. because the class start early
    C. in order not to arrive late
    D. because the road is wide
  3. “Of course, the road will be narrower and crowded.”
    The similar meaning of the word ‘crowded’ is ….
    A. noisy
    B. fluent
    C. teribble
    D. empty

The following test is for question 17 to 18.

To: All Students

Please pay attention during the research activity. Follow teacher’s instructions thoroughly. it’s better to be safe than sorry.
  1. Where can you probably read the text?
    A. in a library
    B. in a infirmary
    C. in a laboratory.
    D. in a classroom.
  2. According to the text, the students are expected to…
    A. be precise
    B. be punctual
    C. be careful
    D. be diligent

The following test is for question 19 to 21.

To : All the Students
Due to yesterday’s laboratory fire accident, the laboratory area has become unsafe. The chemical spillage might be harmful for our respiratory system. Therefore, you are prohibited to be near the laboratoy area under all circumstances until further notification. Thanks you.


ads stream

  1. What is the text about?
    A. A fire accident.
    B. Students prohibition.
    C. Dangerous chemicals.
    D. A laboratory reconstruction.
  2. What should the readers do acording to the text?
    A. Stay away from the laboratory.
    B. Warn other about the laboratory.
    C. Help prevent more fire accidents.
    D. Clean the chemicals from the laboratory.
  3. Why does the laboratory area become unsafe?
    A. The laboratory is fragile because of the fire.
    B. The hemicals might harm the students.
    C. The ashes can make the students uniforms dirty.
    D. The students can hurt themselves from the rubbles.

The following test is for question 22 to 23.

To: Futu

i have found your phone case. it’s on the table in my living room. You must taken it off when you added a new memory card yesterday. Meet me at the cafeteria at the second break if you want to get the case. You can also find me in the school club room after school.

  1. Vandra writes the message ….
    A. to request Futu to meet him
    B. to ask Futu to return his phone case
    C. to inform Futu about his club activity
    D. to tell Futu about the missing memory card
  2. Where did Wisnu lose his phone case?
    A. At his house.
    B. At the cafetaria.
    C. in the classroom.
    D. At Vandra’s house.

The following test is for question 24 to 25.

To : All students

To ease all data traffic when using the internet, everyone must close all the tabs after finishing your browsing. You must also shut down the computer if you are the last person using it.
Thank you.
  1. The text tells us about …
    A. how to operate a computer
    B. rules when using a computer
    C. rules when browsing on the internet
    D. how to browse using a computer
  2. Where can you find this text?
    A. in a medical room.
    B. in a school library.
    C. in a school auditorium.
    D. in a language laboratory.

The following test is for question 26 to 28.

Attention, students.
it is expected that your new sports uniforms will be distributed this week. However, the uniforms for the seventh grade students have not ready to be distributed yet. You may wear any casual T-shirts and trousers for P.E. class for the time being.
The schedule for the uniforms distribution will be informed later. Thank you.
  1. Why did the writer compose the text?
    A. To ask the seventh grade students to have a P.E. class in the field.
    B. To uniform the students to wait for their sports uniforms to be distributed.
    C. To tell all students that their uniforms are not available yet.
    D. To permit the seventh grade students to wear casual T-shirts.
  2. After reading the text, what will the seventh grade students probably do?
    A. Have their P.E. lass without uniforms.
    B. Tell their parents to buy them sports uniforms.
    C. Wear their uniforms for the P.E. class.
    D. Go to the field to have a P.E. class.
  3. Who is the text addressed to?
    A. All the students.
    B. Seventh grade students.
    C. All the teachers.
    D. The P.E. teacher and students.

The following test is for question 29 to 31.

To: All students

You are expected to bring hygiene kits, brooms, dusters, etc. on Friday, 20th November 2020. As our tradition, we will have a classroom clean up at the beginning of a new semester. Please also wear your P.E uniform during the activity as the classroom activity will start afterwards. Thank you.
  1. The text is written…
    A. to promote a cleaning activity to the students
    B. to instrut the students to bring cleaning tools.
    C. to inform the students about the classroom activity.
    D. to remind the students about the upcoming semester.
  2. What should the students bring for the activity?
    A. School uniforms.
    B. Food and drinks.
    C. Mopping kits.
    D. Sports shoes.
  3. What should the students do after cleaning their classrooms?
    A. Going home.
    B. Continue their studies.
    C. Clean the school areas.
    D. Return their cleaning tools.

The following test is for question 32 to 34.

Dear Photography Club Members,

The regional photography competition will be held next month. All members are welcomed to attendthe competition. Mr.Vandra would like to guide us. Please comfirm your participation soon through this chatting group.

Thank you
  1. What is the text about?
    A. The notification about a contest.
    B. The invitation to join a chatting group.
    C. The information about a photography club programme.
    D. The announcement of a school photography.
  2. What should the members do to participate in the events?
    A. Resend the message to Mr. Vandra.
    B. See the regional photography competition.
    C. Reply the message through the chatting group.
    D. Confirm their participation to the committee of the contest.
  3. “Mr.Vandra would like to guide us.”
    The bolded word is closest in meaning to ….
    A. give
    B. show
    C. help
    D. conduct

The following test is for question 35 to 37.

Attention, please!

According to the new rule in our country, all children should have identity cards. The cards can be used as a requirement to continue their studies. Along with that, our school has a program that will help you get identity cards. It is especially aimed at the ninth grade students. Please hand in the copy of birth certificate, copy of family cards and photographs to your class teachers.
  1. Why should the students submit their birth certificates, family cards and photographs?
    A. To get scholarships.
    B. To continue their studies.
    C. To make their identity cards.
    D. To receive the student numbers.
  2. What will the students do right after reading the text?
    A. Meet the headmaster
    B. Go to the related institution
    C. Meet their teachers for completing the requirements.
    D. Prepare the requirements for their identity card.
  3. “…. is used as a requirement to continue studies”
    What does the bolded word mean?
    A. An urgent condition.
    B. A necessary thing.
    C. A normal condition.
    D. An additional object.

The following test is for question 38 to 40.

Please Notice

This lab is provided for students working on mathematics and computer scince related work. Access to this room is a privilege, not a right.

If you use this room, please clean up after yourself including:
1. throw all trash in a trash container.
2. remove all uneaten food, and
3. put the furniture back where you took it from.

Please do not use any form of firework in this lab. If the lab is not used in a reasonable manner, access will be restricted.

Lab Officer
  1. Where can you find the text?
    A. Inside a computer laboratory.
    B. On the teacher office’s door.
    C. On the door of a science laboratory.
    D. At the front of the laboratory building.
  2. if a student breaks one of the rules, he/she ….
    A. will receive punishment.
    B. is forbidden from using the lab.
    C. is not allowed to meet the lab officer.
    D. will fail in the math and computer science.
  3. “Access to this room is a privilege, not a right.”
    The bolded word is closest in meaning to …..
    A. obligation
    B. optional
    C. advantage
    D. achivement

Kunci Jawaban

  1. A
  2. D
  3. A
  4. C
  5. B
  6. C
  7. D
  8. A
  9. D
  10. B
  11. B
  12. A
  13. C
  14. D
  15. C
  16. A
  17. C
  18. C
  19. B
  20. A
  21. B
  22. A
  23. D
  24. B
  25. B
  26. D
  27. A
  28. A
  29. B
  30. C
  31. B
  32. A
  33. C
  34. D
  35. C
  36. D
  37. B
  38. A
  39. B
  40. C

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