50 Contoh Soal Recount Text Bahasa Inggris Dan Kunci Jawaban

Recount text adalah teks yang menceritakan kembali suatu kegiatan atau peristiwa yang telah terjadi atau berlangsung pada masa lalu. Atau lebih singkatnya cerita pengalaman atau peristiwa pada masa lalu. Recount text memiliki struktur antara lain :

  1. Orientation
    Berisi pendahuluan tentang peristiwa yang terjadi, tokoh yang terlibat, tempat, serta waktu peristiwa itu berlangsung.
  2. Events
    Berisi rangkaian pengalaman peristiwa yang ada dalam cerita tersebut.
  3. Re-orientation
    Berisi tentang rangkuman / penutup cerita.

Recount teks sendiri memiliki ciri-ciri kebahasaan yaitu menggunakan past tense dan menggunakan kata penghubung (conjunctions) misalnya : then, before, after.

Berikut 50 contoh soal recount rext yang bisa di download di akhir artikel beformat docs / microsoft word.

Contoh Soal Recount Text Materi Bahasa Inggris

The following test is for question 1 to 4.

One holiday, Vandra visited his aunt in a village. It was his first experience of traveling by train, but he enjoyed it. He arrived at the railway station at 3 p.m. His uncle’s house was not far from the railways station, so he decided to go there by horse cart.
Vandra stopped a horse cart. To his surprise, the rider was a woman. She was dark skinned and looked strong. Along the journey, they had a chit-chat. The rider told him about her life. She is a wife with three children. She was simple, but had a great dream. She wanted her children to be successful. As a mother, she was willing to work hard for her children’s education. She never gave up. She belived that her hard work would be paid off.
Vandra was amazed at the horse cart rider’s story. What a great woman.

  1. What is the text about?
    A. A horse cart rider’s hard work.
    B. Vandra’s experience on a train.
    C. Vandra’s travelling experience.
    D. The life story of a horse cart rider.
  2. What was the horse cart’s rider like?
    A. Honest
    B. Generous
    C. Kindhearted
    D. Hard working
  3. Why did Vandra take a great respect to the horse cart’s rider?
    A. She struggled for the succes
    B. She lived with her three children
    C. She was simple, but had a great dream
    D. She was the only woman who rode a horse card
  4. “She never gave up.
    What is the closest meaning of the bolded phrase?
    A. Felt sorry
    B. Surrendered
    C. Complained
    D. Fought against

The following test is for question 5 to 8.

At the frist break, Arin went to the school library. As usual, she walked towrds she fiction section, her favourite one. She took an interesting storybook from the shelf, then sat at the corner. The book was about a handsome and brave prince who tried to free a princess from a giant.
Arin way very sleepy. She didn’t realise that she fell asleep while reading. On her dream, she was the princess who was saved by the prince. The giant didn’t let Arin go. He held her strongly and she struggled to get loose. Consequently she fell down to the ground. Suddenly, Arin heard people laughing. She opened her eyes and saw several students looking and laughing at her.
Arin was confused, but she finaly realised what had happened. She dreamt about the story in the book she read. For matters wors, she tell down from the chair due to her dream.

  1. Why is the text written?
    A. To relate Arin’s experience
    B. To amuse readers by telling a story
    C. To describe Arin’s activity during the break
    D. To tell readers the story of a giant and a princess
  2. In Arins’s dream, the giant …. her.
    A. pulled
    B. pushed
    C. captured
    D. released
  3. What kind of books does Arin like to read?
    A. Storybooks
    B. Biography books
    C. Science books
    D. Engineering books
  4. What did Arin probably feel when her schoolmates laughed at her?
    A. Bored
    B. Upsed
    C. Jealous
    D. Embarrassed

The following test is for question 9 to 12.

On Monday morning Adi woke up late.. Before leaving for school, his mother reminded him of having breakfast, but he refused. He was afraid of being late. Adi arrived at school only one minute before the bell rang. All students walked towards the school yard. They would have a flag hoisting ceremony.
It was very hot and the sun shone very brightly. During the ceremony, Adi felt dizzy and his eyes were blurred. He tried to stand up still, but he could bot hold on. He trembled and fainted.
He didm’t know what happened next . When he opened her eyes, he was in the medical room with his class teacher and Riski, his best friend. Riski gave him a glass of hot tea and a piece of bread.

  1. What is the main idea of paragraph one?
    A. Adi woke up late.
    B. Adi skipped breakfast.
    C. Adi was afraid of arriving late at school.
    D. Adi’s mother reminded him of having breakfast.
  2. Where did Adi tremble and faint?
    A. At home
    B. In his classroom
    C. At the school yard
    D. In the medical room
  3. What would happen if Adi had breakfast?
    A. His mother would be angry with him
    B. He could attend the ceremony well
    C. He would arrive at school early
    D. He missed the hoisting flag ceremony
  4. From the text we know that …
    A. nobody cared about Adi
    B. Adi arrived late at school
    C. Adi felt unwell during the ceremony
    D. Riski stood up next to Adi during the ceremony

The following test is for question 13 to 16.

I just returned from my holiday in my uncle’s house in Malang. During the time, i visited many interesting places, such as Jatim Park 1 and 2, Museum Angkut, Batu Night Spectacular and Mount Bromo. However, the most memorable is my trip to mount Bromo. However, the most memorable is my trip to Mount Bromo. It is the most exotic place i’ve ever seen.
At that time i went with my uncle’s family. We went there by car in middle of night and arrived at around 3:30 a.m. There were already many people there. They all wore thick jackets, gloves and beanies, so did we. It was so cold that we were going to freeze. Soon, we could adapt to the weather.
Later on we moved to Penanjakan Peak to see the sunrise. Later on we withnessed such a magnificent sunrise. Luckily, the weather was so fine that we all could see that shinning golden ball very clearly. Then, we walked up to the top of Mount Bromo. It was really hard because we had to walk through thick sand desert while it was rather cold. Arriving at the top, it was so amazing! Trush me, you should go there one day. What a wonderful place!
Overall my last holiday is the best moment of my life. I wash i have another chance to explore Malang City.

  1. What is the next mainly about?
    A. The writer’s experience in Mount Bromo.
    B. The writer’s impression about the sunrise.
    C. The writer’s unforgettable holiday in Malang.
    D. The writer’s trip to climb a mount for the first time.
  2. What is the main idea of the second paragraph?
    A. The place was full of visitors.
    B. The writer went to Bromo by car.
    C. The writer arrived at her destination.
    D. The weather at the moment awas very cold.
  3. From the text we know that…
    A. the writer went Bromo with her cousin
    B. the sky was cloudy when the morning broke
    C. it is quite easy to pass through the sand
    D. the writer wore a thick jacket and beanie
  4. “They all wore thick jackets, gloves and beanies, so did we.” ( Paragraph 2 )
    What does the bolded word refer to?
    A. The writer’s uncle family
    B. The visitors of Mount Bromo
    C. The writer and her uncle’s family
    D. The people who the writer saw on her arrival.

The following test is for question 17 to 20.

Last week my friend and i were bored after two weeks of holidays, so we rode our bicycles to a beach, which is only five kilometres from where we live.
When we arrived at the beach, we were surprised to see only a few visitors there. After having a quick dip in the ocean, which was really cold, we realised why there were not many people there. it was also quite windy.
After we bought several hot chips at the take-away store nearby, we rode our bicycles down the beach for a while , on the hard, damp part of the sand. We had the behind us. Unwittingly, we were many miles down the beach.
Before we made the long trip back we decided to paddle our feet in the water for a while, and then sit down for a rest. While we were sitting on the beach, just chatting, we realised that all the way back we would be riding into the strong wind.
When we finally arrived home, we were both totally exhausted!

  1. The text mainly tells us about….
    A. the situation at the beach
    B. the writer and his friend’s reason to a beach
    C. the writer and his friend’s long holiday
    D. the writer and his friend’s vacation at a beach
  2. At that time the beach was ….
    A. quiet
    B. sunny
    C. crowded
    D. very clean
  3. From the text it can be concluded that ….
    A. the water of the beach is quite warm
    B. the beach is very close to the writer’s house
    C. the writer felt tired because of cycling hard
    D. there was no food stall opened at the moment
  4. People rarely went to the beach…. the water was very cold.
    A. so
    B. but
    C. and
    D. since

The following test is for question 21 to 24.

My elder sister and i are moving into a new house this weekend, so we decided to do shopping to furnish the place.
First, we went to an appliance store not too far from our new house, and we bought a refrigerator for the kitchen. You really can’t live without one because you have to keep your food cold or frozen so it doesn’t spoil. Then, we bought a washing machine to wash and dry our clotes. We don’t want to go to a laundromat to do this every week like we used to do when we are in a boarding house. Next, we bought a rice cooker. We certainly need one because it can make life easier. You simply put the rice into the cooker and press the cooking button, then you can do other chores while the cooker is cooking the rice finally, we picked up a microwave oven. if we are in a hurry and don’t have time to cook, we can place the food in the microwave and heat it up quickly.
We haven’t purchased everything we need to furnish our new place, but we think we have the basic appliances to make life more comforable for now.

  1. The text tells us about the writer and her sister’s …..
    A. new house
    B. household chores
    C. shopping experience
    D. activities at new house
  2. Where did the story take place?
    A. At their new house
    B. At an appliance store
    C. At a furniture store
    D. At their boarding house
  3. From the text, it can be inferred that the writer and her sister….
    A. bought a dishwasher
    B. just moved to a new house
    C. use to wash their clothes
    D. stay at a boarding house at the time
  4. “…. so it doesn’t spoil” ( Paragraph 2 )
    The word ‘it’ refers to ….
    A. the rice
    B. the food
    C. the house
    D. the refrigerator

The following test is for question 25 to 27.

ads stream

One morning i met my father outside the school gate. Prior to this, i received my teacher’s permission to be temporarily excused from class. i would collect some items from my father.
My father handed me my exmination result slip which he had signed. Also, he handed a consent form for the Track and Field Training Camp which i would take part in. My father scolded me for being irresponsible. i just kept silent and told him that i had to return to my class. My fater the quickly left for work.
I rushed back to my class . However, i did not place my wallet, which contained money, in my pocket carefully. I dropped it and i didn’t notice it. The money was the fee for the Track and Field Training Camp!

  1. The writer’s father was angry because ….
    A. he did not permit the writer to join a training camp
    B. he had forgotten to submit the writer’s work to school
    C. the writer had forgotten to bring some items to school
    D. the writer did not say goodbye to his/her father when leaving
  2. What is the writer like?
    A. Careless
    B. Impatient
    C. Moody
    D. Offended
  3. What happend to the writer at the end?
    A. He/She was relieved after receiving the items for his/her father.
    B. He/She was disppointed because he/she couldn’t join class.
    C. He/She didn’t know how to tell the accident to his/her father.
    D. He/She father took him him/her home to get the items.

The following test is for question 28 to 31.

When i was in 8th grade of junior high school, i participated in a painting contest which took place at the education and culture office in my town. i was competing with other 49 students. The theme of the painting was “Preserving cultural heritages in the global age”. Everyone was provided with canvas but no oil paint, brush or palette. We also had only been given 180 minutes to finish our work.
By the time the contest started, everyone immediately drew sketches on their canvas. I didn’t do the same since i was still thinking of what to draw. Then, i finally had an idea and joined the others by drawing a sketch. I decided to paint a street vendor selling traditional crafts while taking a selfie with customers. I think that would be a good representation of the contest theme.
In the middle of my painting, i realised that I didn’t bring my orang paint, to paint a realistic brick colour as the background on my painting. For that, i must mix violet and orange colours. I already made the violet colour by mixing red and blue i panicked. Then, i tried to ask other contestants if they had some spares. One contestant gave me one, but it was almost empty. It wouldn’t be enough for my brick background. Then, i remembered that i cloud get orange from mixing red and yellow. I was so surprised that i cloud forget such a basic combination.
The time limit is up. I somehow managed to finish my paint at the last minutes. Then, the judge began to observe every work. When they came to my place, one of the judges asked me what colour i used for my background. i said that i mixed violet and orange to get the brick colour and other combinations for other parts of the background. Then, they left to check other paintings.
Finally, the judges announced the winners of the competition. I was surprised that my painting becamethe second place. The judges commended me for my technical skill with colour combinations.

  1. The text tells us about….
    A. The writer’s experience in painting using colour combinations.
    B. The writer’s experience in participating on a painting competition.
    C. The writer’s feeling about winning second place in painting competition.
    D. The writer’s difficulties in painting with specific theme and limited time.
  2. When did the writer realise that he missed few paints?
    A. During the painting.
    B. At the end of the painting.
    C. During drawing the sketch.
    D. At the beginning of the painting.
  3. How does the panic effect the writer?
    A. He mixed the wrong colour.
    B. He forgot to bring few paints.
    C. He forgot a simple colour combination.
    D. He took a longer time to decide his painting.
  4. He writer….. proud of his achievement.
    A. felt
    B. feel
    C. is feeling
    D. was feeling

The following test is for question 32 to 34.

I had an unforgettable experience. It happened a week ago. I was going home from my football practice at school. On the way home, i decided to buy shampoo since mine already run out. I practice football three times a week and i always wash my hair after i practice. i decided to buy shampoo from a supermarket. There was a sale at that time. They offered discounts for many items. They also gave discounts for shampoo and jam. Therefore, i decided to buy chocolate jam so i could eat bread with it after shower.
On my arrival at home, i was ready to go shower when my mother suddenly asked me to be quick since we were going to my mother’s friend’s party. Without thinking, i immerdiately went to the bathroom. The fun began when i started shampooing my hair. i tasted the sweetness from the shampoo and realised that was wrong. Mother laughed at me when i asked her to get me my shampoo bottle and told her about the silly incident.

  1. Paragraph two tell us about….
    A. the taste of the writer’s new shampoo.
    B. the incident that happened to the writer.
    C. the writer’s mother’s reaction to the incident.
    D. the reason the writer rushed into the bathroom.
  2. From the text we know that the writer ….
    A. brought bread to the bathroom
    B. used a wrong shampoo bottle
    C. brought a wrong bottle to the bathroom
    D. drank syrup in the bathroom
  3. “…. told her about the silly incident”.
    What is the synonym of the bolded word?
    A. Foolish
    B. Weird
    C. Scary
    D. Unusual

The following test is for question 35 to 38.

Last year, my family and i had a vacational to Jakarta, to visit Aunt Marina. We had planned to go there a month before the school holiday. We agreed to go there by train.
My father drove us to the train station before noon. It took only an hour and half to reach the station. We stopped to have lunch on the way to the railway station. We had lunch at a Padang Restaurant near the station. My brother requested to have lunch there. After that, we continued to our trip to the station.
The train departed from Gubeng Station at 4 p.m. it was my first time to travel by train. Unfortunately, the train was a night train, so i could not see the scenery. i only saw rice fields, mountains and many other beautiful sunset sceneries before the night came.
We arrived at Gambir Station at 5 in the morning. it took more than two hours by car. Finally, we arrived at his house. Aunt Marina and her daughter, Dayana, had cooked special breakfast for us. After we took at bath, we enjoyed the breakfast together.

  1. Who do you think the writer of the text is?
    A. Dadang’s sister.
    B. Marina’s daughter.
    C. Dayana’s sister.
    D. Dayana’s cousin.
  2. What did the writer and his family do after they arrived at Gambir Station?
    A. They walked to the exit gate.
    B. They went to a costumer service.
    C. They looked for a taxi.
    D. They bought souvenirs.
  3. How did the writer go to the station?
    A. By train.
    B. By car.
    C. By bus.
    D. By bicycles.
  4. They had their breakfast … they had a bath.
    A. before
    B. when
    C. because
    D. after

The following test is for question 39 to 42.

Last holiday, my family and i decided to spend our time in a village which is famous for their wooden crafts. We had planned this for a month because we just moved to a new house and wanted to look for new home decorations. We left early since we wanted to visit our relatives after the visit.
At the village, we were amazed by the diversity of the crafts we saw. We could discover find small toys, unique boxes and furniture. Several shops also offered a quick lesson on crafting. I had a chance to learn how to make a simple wooden craft in a workshop. In the meantime, my family went to look for several crafts to decorate our house. We spent quite some time in the village.
Satisfied with my lesson in the workshop, I decided to find the others. However, i couldn’t find them. Then, i decided to go to the parking lot. To my surprise, I saw my car moving slowly from its place. I yelled and waved while chasing the car. The car stopped and someone I didn’t know came out. Then, i heard someone called me behind from the parking lot. That was my family. I felt embarrassed and then apologized to the people in the car that i had chased.

  1. What is the main idea of paragraph two?
    A. Various crafts are made by the village people.
    B. The writer’s family bought crafts from the village.
    C. The writer and his family did different activities in the village.
    D. The writer’ and his family decided to go to a village.
  2. Why did the writer decide to go to parking lot?
    A. He wanted to look for his car.
    B. He thought he would find his family there.
    C. He needed to rest after his crafting lesson.
    D. He supposed to wait for the others there.
  3. What can we infer about the village?
    A. It has a school for wood crafting.
    B. It produces many wood crafts.
    C. Only few people visit the village.
    D. Most tourists come to learn wood crafting.
  4. The writer … for the others for quite some time before deciding to go to a praking lot.
    A. looks
    B. looked
    C. had looked
    D. looking

The following test is for question 43 to 46.

Last Sunday my family visited my parents friends, Mr. And Mrs. Amir, in Padang because they have a new baby. We went there by car early morning because we planned to stop at Anai Valley Waterfall for a moment.
We passed Bukittinggi-Padang road which is very awesome. We enjoyed beautiful scenery along the road. We was so amazed when we saw the wonderful Anai Valley Waterfall. It is located beside the road. My father parked the car in the parking area and then we enjoyed the waterfall. The water is clear and fresh. Then, we ate delicious food in the restaurant nearby.
After that, we continued our trip Padang. We arrived at Mr. And Mrs. Amir’s house around 11 a.m. They welcomed us warmly. We visited the baby and then we had a chit-chat. We left their house at 2 p.m. We passed the same road and still enjoyed it. We arrived home at 5 p.m.

  1. What is the writer’s intention the write the text?
    A. To share his/her experience.
    B. To describe a wonderful waterfall.
    C. To inform the way to go to Padang.
    D. To tell the condition his/her parents’ friends.
  2. Why did the writer’s family go to Padang?
    A. To see Mr.Amir’s new family member.
    B. To eat special food near the waterfall.
    C. To enjoy Anai Valley Waterfall.
    D. To see beautiful scenery during the trip.
  3. How was the writer’s family journey?
    A. Quiet
    B. Glorious
    C. Delightful
    D. Relaxed
  4. The writer … his/her last holiday with his/her family.
    A. spent
    B. spend
    C. would spend
    D. was spending

The following test is for question 47 to 50.

My sister had a graduation ceremony last week. I was sad because i could not attend the ceremony. I had to attend a robotic competition to represent my school. Finally, i was the runner up and received the silver medal.
When i arrived home, my sister and parents had not arrived yet. I planned to make a gift for my sister, but i was confused about what i should make to surprise her. Then, i got an idea. I would make tartcake because my mom still had a sponge cake. However, i did not know how to decorate a cake. I browsed the internet for the inredients needed. Lucky for me, i had all the ingredients. I followed the instructions, I made butter cream using mixer and then add food colouring. Then, i decorated the cake. Well, it was done.
A few minutes later, my parents and sister arrived. I took out the tart cake and said, “Congratulations!” Surprisingly, they also said, “Congratulations!” while bringing a box of chocolate. They hugged me and gave the chocolate to me. They knew that i was the runner up in the robotic competition. Finally, we ate the cake and chocolate together.

  1. Why did the writer and his/her family give surprise to each other?
    A. To welcome the writer’s family
    B. To celebrate their achievement
    C. To praise his/her sister’s graduation
    D. To fete the writer’s winning in a competition
  2. What did the writer’s feel in the end of the story?
    A. Glad
    B. Satisfied
    C. Confused
    D. Surprised
  3. From the text we can conclude that …..
    A. The writer arrived home late
    B. The writer made chocolate
    C. The writer’s family care for each other
    D. The writer is good at decorating cakes
  4. “Finally, i was the runner up and received the silver medal.”
    A. The first place
    B. The second place
    C. The third place
    D. The fourth place

Kunci Jawaban

  1. C
  2. D
  3. C
  4. B
  5. A
  6. C
  7. A
  8. D
  9. A
  10. C
  11. B
  12. C
  13. A
  14. C
  15. D
  16. C
  17. D
  18. A
  19. C
  20. D
  21. C
  22. B
  23. D
  24. B
  25. C
  26. A
  27. C
  28. B
  29. A
  30. C
  31. A
  32. B
  33. C
  34. A
  35. D
  36. A
  37. B
  38. D
  39. A
  40. B
  41. B
  42. C
  43. A
  44. A
  45. C
  46. A
  47. B
  48. A
  49. C
  50. B

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