31 Contoh Soal Short Messages Bahasa Inggris Dan Kunci Jawaban

Short message atau pesan pendek dikirim untuk memberi tahu seseorang tentang suatu hal karena tidak bisa bertemu langsung dengan orang tersebut. Pesan pendek dapat ditulis di secarik kertas maupun dikirim melalui Aplikasi Chat.
Pesan pendek berisi :

  1. nama penulis pesan
  2. nama orang yang dituju
  3. isi pesan

Berikut contoh bank soal tentang Short Messages materi pelajaran Bahasa Inggris yang bisa digunakan sebagai ujian pembelajaran murid.

Contoh Soal Short Messages Materi Bahasa Inggris

The following test is for question 1 to 2.

Feby, i really sorry i cannot join you and Sekar to visit the new bookstore as we have planned this morning. i sprained my ankle. i’d better have a rest at home.

2 p.m
From : Vandra
  1. What is the message about?
    A. Arranging a plan.
    B. Having an accident.
    C. Visiting a bookstore.
    D. Cancelling an appointment.
  2. What is Vandra doing that afternoon?
    A. Meeting Sekar
    B. Calling Feby
    C. Staying at home
    D. Visiting the bookstore

The following test is for question 3 to 4.

Dear Ariani,
There is a computer exhibition at Expo Centre. Woukd you like to accompany me to go there tomorrow afternoon? i am going to buy a bluetooth speaker.

  1. Why does Pamungkas send the message to Ariani?
    A. To remind Ariani to visit a computer exbition.
    B. To invite Ariani to attend a computer exhibiton.
    C. To suggest Ariani to buy a bluetooth speaker.
    D. To ask Ariani to accompany him to visit an exhibiton.
  2. What will Ariani probably do after reading the message?
    A. Buy a bluetooth speaker for Pamungkas.
    B. Visit the a computer exhibition by herself.
    C. Reply the message by stating her willingness.
    D. Accompany Pamungkas to visit a computer exhibition.

The following test is for question 5 to 6.

Dear Futu,

I think we need one rehearsal more before our gambyong dance performance the day after tomorrow. Please let me know your available time.

  1. The text is mainly about …. the available time to practice a gambyong dance.
    A. asking for
    B. reminding
    C. stating
    D. announcing
  2. What would happen if the receiver texts the available time?
    A. The performance is done.
    B. The rehearsal schedule is set.
    C. The dance show is postponed.
    D. The rehearsal is cancelled.

The following test is for question 7 to 9.

Dad, i am at Mr. Irwan’s house to accompany Naya, her little daughter. Mrs irwan took her sick father to the hospital just now. Mr. Irwan is still on his way hime. i will return home after he arrives.

  1. Budi sent the message to his father ….
    A. to take a leave
    B. to explain his condition
    C. to help Mr. irwan family
    D. to inform Mr. irwan’s condition
  2. What is Budi like?
    A. Helpful
    B. Humble
    C. Confident
    D. Gnerous
  3. “i will return home after he arrives.”
    The bolded word refers to ….
    A. Budi
    B. Mrs. Irwan
    C. Budi’s father
    D. Mrs. Irwan’s father

The following test is for question 10 to 11.

Dear Tutus,

Thank you for inviting me to your house warming party, but i am really sorry. i cannot attend your party because i have to attend a selection test to enter a vocational school in Surabaya. I promise i will visit you and your new house after returning from Surabaya. I hope your party will be merry. Warm regards to your parents.

  1. What is the topic of the text?
    A. Hope
    B. Farewell
    C. Thanking
    D. Apologizing
  2. What can we conclude from the text?
    A. Karin will hold a party
    B. Tutus lives in a new house
    C. Tutus will be study in Surabaya
    D. Karin will attend Tutus’s party.

The following test is for question 12 to 14.

Dear Mrs. Tiffany,

I’d like to remind you that you will have a meeting with a client at 1 p.m. sharp. i have prepared all the documents you need. Thank you.
  1. What is the purpose of the text?
    A. To give information.
    B. To give an opinion.
    C. To invite someone.
    D. To notice someone.
  2. What should Mrs. Tiffany do after receiving the message?
    A. Prepare the documents needed.
    B. Reschedule the meeting.
    C. Check the documents.
    D. Fetch the client.
  3. When will the meeting be held?
    A. in the morning.
    B. At noon.
    C. In the afternoon.
    D. In the evening.

The following test is for question 15 to 18.

ads stream

Feby, please ensure that the gas stove and the tap are already off. Lock the door before you leave. Carelessness will cause tears.

  1. Where would Feby read this message?
    A. On his room door.
    B. On a stove.
    C. In a bathroom.
    D. At the front gate.
  2. What should Feby do after reading the message?
    A. Leave the house.
    B. Turn off the water tap.
    C. Unlock the front door.
    D. Use the stove.
  3. What can we conclude from the text?
    A. Use a spare key to lock the house.
    B. Never use a gas stove unattended.
    C. Leave the house in a safe condition.
    D. Do everything carelessly.
  4. “Lock the door before you leave.”
    What is the similar meaning of the bolded word?
    A. Stay
    B. Contact
    C. Arrive
    D. Go

The following test is for question 19 to 21.

Sekar, remember to wear your scout uniform.
Tomorrow is Scout Day. We will hold a ceremony.

  1. Who sends the message?
    A. Sekar’s mother
    B. Sekar’s neighbour
    C. Sekar’s classmate
    D. Sekar’s father
  2. The students should wear scout uniforms because…..
    A. tomorrow is Monday
    B. they will go camping
    C. they remember Scout Day
    D. tomorrow is Scout Day
  3. “Sekar, remember to wear your scout uniform.”
    What is the similar meaning of “remember”?
    A. Keep in mind.
    B. Run after.
    C. Stay calm.
    D. Give a hand.

The following test is for question 22 to 23.

Dear Anita,

Your brother will come this evening. Mom and dad are going to pick him up from the airport. Please prepare dinner for us. I had left money under the phone. if you are not tired, please make your brother’s bedroom. We’ll return before 7 p.m. Don’t forget to turn on light.


  1. When will Anita probably read the message?
    A. At dawn
    B. At dusk
    C. In the evening
    D. In the afternnon
  2. How will mother feel if Anita makes her brother’s room?
    A. Happy
    B. Relieved
    C. Surprised
    D. Curious

The following test is for question 24 to 25.

To : Vandra

I’d like to friendly remind you to fetch me at the wharf this evening. I will be waiting for you near the exit gate. You suppose to leave for the wharf before 5 p.m, so you will be there before 6 p.m. I have an important appointment at 7.15 p.m.

  1. What is Futu’s purpose of sending the message to Vandra?
    A. To tell him that she has an important meeting to attend.
    B. To inform him that she will travel by ship.
    C. To remind him that he should fetch her at the wharf.
    D. To tell him that she should arrive home before 6 p.m.
  2. If Vandra does not come on time, what will Maya probably do?
    A. Walk alone to reach home.
    B. Reenter the wharf to find a seat.
    C. Keep waiting until Vandra comes.
    D. Take a taxi to attend the meeting.

The following test is for question 26 to 27.

To : Novi

I think wee need more references to do our assignment. Lest’s go to the library at the first break. See you there.

  1. What is the topic of the text?
    A. Asking a person to visit a library.
    B. Remiding a person to do a task.
    C. Making an appointment to finish a task.
    D. Giving explanation the location to meet.
  2. What will Novi do after reading the message?
    A. Do the assignment.
    B. Wait for Bagus at the library.
    C. Look for more references at the library.
    D. Reply the message about her readiness.

The following test is for question 28 to 29.

Dear Miftah,

Please forgive me. I can’t go with you to visit Mieke at the hospital this afternoon. My father asked me to fetch my aunt. Her train will be arriving at 3 p.m. Please pass my regards to Mieke. My she recover soon. Thanks.

  1. Why does Tito apologise to Miftah?
    A. He will fetch his father.
    B. He has no time to visit Mieke.
    C. He cancels their appointment.
    D. He will arrive late at the hospital.
  2. Where will Tito be this afternoon?
    A. At home.
    B. At hospital.
    C. At Mieke house.
    D. At a railway station.

The following test is for question 30 to 31.

Dear Suci,

Tomorrow is holiday. If you are free, what about spending your holiday in my house? You are fond of eating fish, aren’t you? My family and i will catch fish in my pond, the grill them. Please join us.

  1. What should Suci do right after reading the message?
    A. Go to Dimas’s house.
    B. Catch the fish in the pond.
    C. Confirm whether she will come or not.
    D. Join the barbecue party at Dimas’s house.
  2. From the text we know that…..
    A. Suci has a pond
    B. Dimas knows Suci’s favourite
    C. Suci dislikes fish
    D. Suci will grill fish

Kunci Jawaban

  1. D
  2. C
  3. D
  4. C
  5. A
  6. B
  7. B
  8. A
  9. B
  10. D
  11. B
  12. D
  13. C
  14. C
  15. A
  16. B
  17. C
  18. D
  19. C
  20. D
  21. A
  22. D
  23. A
  24. C
  25. D
  26. A
  27. D
  28. C
  29. D
  30. C
  31. B

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