Contoh Ujian Nasional Bahasa Inggris SMP Kelas 9 Part 1

Berikut contoh soal ujian bahasa inggris untuk jenjang Sekolah Menengah Pertama ( SMP ) kelas 9 part 1 yang bisa digunakan sebagai ujian pembelajaran murid.

Contoh Ujian Nasional Bahasa Inggris SMP Kelas 9

Pilihlah jawaban yang benar!

The following text is for questions 1 and 2.

Dear Vandra,

CONGRATULATIONS! I know you must be very happy knowing that more than 5 thousands people have watched your animation film on the internet. May the achievement continue to inspire you in the year ahead.

  1. What is Futu’s intention to write the text?
    A. To praise Vandra for her success.
    B. To Inspire Vandra to reach her goal.
    C. To share his happiness with Vandra.
    D. To support Vandra to create animation film.
  2. “May the achivement continue to inspire you in the years ahead.”
    We can infer from this statement that Futu hope Vandra ….
    A. Stay creative
    B. Always be happy
    C. become a better animator
    D. keep on success in the future

The following text is for questions 3 and 5.

In the celebration of Kartini Day, our school will hold poetry recitation conducted by Ariani, the best poetry reciter in 2019. There will also be a drama performance played by National Drama Competition.
We invite all students to watch the performances whitch will be held at the basketball court on Saturday, 17th October 2020 at 7 p.m.
Please contact your class captain to get the tickets. Each ticket will include in a lucky draw.


OSIS Chairperson
  1. Why does the school publish the invitation?
    A. To learn how recite poems.
    B. To meet and greet Teater Muda.
    C. To participate in a drama performance.
    D. To enjoy a poetry recitation and drama performance.
  2. The students are interested in attending the event because they …
    A. want to talk with Ariani
    B. may get a prize
    C. need to contact Vandra
    D. get tickets for free
  3. “We invite all students to watch the performances …”
    The underlined word is closest in meaning to…
    A. see
    B. meet
    C. join
    D. contact

The following text is for questions 6 and 8.

The 2020 National Examination is coming soon. The are more questions whitch qequire you to think critically.
In that case, i want all ninth grade students to prepare themselves very well. Use your time efficiently and effectively. Your future merely depends on your efforts.
Remember! Only doing the best is counting!

  1. Why does the school issue this text?
    A. To tell the students about 2020 national examination.
    B. To inform the students about the examination preparation.
    C. To ask ninth grade students to face the national exam seriously.
    D. To ask ninth grade students to take national examination tryouts.
  2. What must the students do in regard to the text?
    A. Answer questions.
    B. Read the notice.
    C. Just be calm
    D. Study harder.
  3. What will happen to the students if they neglect the notice?
    A. Fail the exam.
    B. Get flying colours.
    C. Need special efforts.
    D. Have to meet the principal.

The following text is for questions 9 and 10.

Dear Ariani,

I just want to remind you to bring old newspapers and sticks from a coconut leave tomorrow . I’ll bring glue and clockwork. Let’s finish our assignment to make a clock from old newspapers after school . The following day is the due date.

  1. What is Risky’s intention to write the text?
    A. To inform Ariani about their task.
    B. To suggest her opinion about the task.
    C. To remind Ariani about their task.
    D. To invite Ariani to meet after school.
  2. Why do the girls want to complete their task tomorrow?
    A. They still have much time to finish it.
    B. The due date is at around the corner.
    C. The craft is difficult to finished.
    D. They need many old newspapers.

ads stream


The bicycle shed for the students is under construction. For a while stundents are allowed to park their bicycles in front of their respective classes. Keep in mind. Park your bicycles accordingly.
Please lock your bicycles.
  1. Where do you read the text?
    A. On the school’s announcement board.
    B. In the teacher’s office.
    C. At the school canteen.
    D. In the headmaster’s room.
  2. What should the students do after reading the text?
    A. Keep an eye on their bicycles.
    B. Park their bicycles properly.
    C. Park their bicycles at the alley.
    D. Leave their bicycles at home.
  3. Which words in the text have the same meaning as ‘remember’?
    A. Park accordingly.
    B. Allowed to park.
    C. Under contruction.
    D. Keep in mind.
Just opened Kedai Bu Tejo! Serve curry and various menu, just around your houses. The menu changes every day, except curry. Also available various fried side dishes: tempeh, tofu, sausages, fish, egg rolls and many more.
The decalicacy and cleanliness of the dishes is guaranteed!
Affordable prices.

We open at 6 a.m up to 4 p.m every day. We don’t have holidays!
We are ready to delivery your order. Just contact 08922943436 or follow us on kedaitejo on instagram.
  1. Why do people like to eat the food stall?
    A. it clean and spacious.
    B. They love fried food.
    C. it serves delicious food.
    D. it only serves curry.
  2. “We don’t have holidays!”
    what does the statement mean?
    A. They stop working on holidays.
    B. The enjoy the holidays.
    C. The food stall is open 24 hours.
    D. The food stall is open every day.
  3. “Affordables prices.”
    What does “affordable” mean?
    A. Costly
    B. Various.
    C. Countless.
    D. Inexpensive.
We’re Happy!

Tito is turning fifteen!
You are invited to join us on his birthday.
Saturday, October 17th at 11 a.m.
Tito House, Jalan Cendrawasih No. 27

Challenging games with surprised prizes are waiting!
You will be sorry if you miss it.
RSVP : Tutus ( 08225722774)
  1. What is the writer’s purpose to write the text?
    A. To tell whose birthday party it is.
    B. To announce Tito’s birthday party.
    C. To ask the invitee to come to the party.
    D. To inform what games are going to play during the party.
  2. What makes the invitee interested to attend the party?
    A. It will be held at Tito’s house.
    B. There are challenging games with prizes.
    C. Tutus is a close friend.
    D. Tito is turning fifteen.
Siraja Museum, located in Teluk Bayur Rural Community, on Jalan Kampung China, is a palce you must visitwhen you come to Berau Distric, East Kalimantan. It displays historical items, which are the reminiscences of SultanMuhammad Amiruddin. Initially the building only became a place to store valuable items of the families, related tothat king. Today, however, it is accessible for both local and foreign tourist.Siraja Museum becomes a significant tourist attraction in Berau District although the size is not quite big. Infact, it is a small house. A keeper, who is actually the descendant of the king and the owner of the building, workwith his employees to keep it clean and neatOnce guests enter Siraja Museum, they can see many antique collections like figurines, ceramics, weapon,ancient Greek statues, historical photos, old money and many more! With these items, both tourists and thehistorians would feel enthusiastic in exploring the site. According to the owner, in fact, the number of visitor keepincreasing as the time goes by. He even manages those items well by changing their location randomly and regularly.The purpose is to avoid boredom and a dull nuance. The only issue is related to the location of the museum.
  1. The writer wrote the above text in order to ….. Siraja Museum.
    A. give the description of
    B. relate the experience at
    C. invite people to visit
    D. tel readers the location of
  2. Why does the keeper change locations of the items randomly and regularly?
    A. to make visitors no get bored.
    B. to keep the items clean and interesting.
    C. to make people feel comfortable.
    D. to make the place look spacious.
  3. “The only issue is related to the location of the museum”. ( Last sentence)
    What does the statement mean?
    A. The number of tourists increases.
    B. The museum is not be quite big.
    C. The museum is not easly seen.
    D. The museum is accessiable.
  4. “Siraja Museum becomes a significant tourist attraction . . . .”
    The underlined word has similar meaning to . .
    A. historical
    B. awesome
    C. spectacular
    D. important
I’m Silvia, I joined an archery class when I was at elementary school. I practiced ever’yWednesday, Saturday and was hard. Besides, I didn’t have much time to play with my friends.
At first, I Just wanted to play sports that not many kids liked to do it. I practiced hard and myskills improved fast. My coach and parents were happy.It was november 2015 when I attended an archery competition for the first time. My coach and parents motivated and supported me to do m y best. They gave me high objektive in the competition. I
paracticed the whole week because I didn’t want to disappoint them.
On the D-day, I prayed to god and stepped on the arena with confidence. I was sure that the bestway to secceed was defeating my fear of losing the competition. Then, I stood firmly and held the bowand the arrow strongly. I took a deep breath, pulled the bow, watched the target clearly, and released thearrow. At last, I finished the competition as the broze medallist. It was an amazing achievement for a newcomer. Everyone congratulated me, including my teachers and schoolmates.The first competition changed my mind. I want to be a professional archer. I want to comete inthe higher levels.
  1. What is the text about?
    A. Silvia’s archery class.
    B. Silvia’s wonderful achievement.
    C. Silvia’s experience in practicing archery.
    D. Silvia’s archery skills which improved fast.
  2. To improve her skills, Silvia…
    A. practiced three times a week
    B. competed with other archers
    C. planned to join many competitions
    D. practiced more than three times a week
  3. What is the main idea of paragraph 2?
    A. Silvia’s intention to join an archery class.
    B. Silvia’s schedule in practicing archery.
    C. Silvia’splan for the future.
    D. Silvia’s frist competition.
  4. “At last, i finished the competition as the bronze medalist.”(Paragraph 4)
    The underlined word is closest in meaning to…
    A. actually
    B. firstly
    C. finally
    D. usually
in ancient times, short-nacked geese were like ducks. The difference was the geese hadwhite feathers, while the duck was tanned. there was a reason that made the geese’s neck become long like now.
At that time a chiken, duck , goose, bird, dragonfly, turtle, crab and crocodile lived in a neighbourhood and always lived in harmony. They often chatted at the river bank where the crocodile lived. The place was shady and comfortable.
One afternoon, they were chatting after working all day long. However, they did not see the crab. They suspected something bad happened to him. No one knew. The crab usually said goodbye if it wanted to go far.
They decided to look for it before nightfall. They split up. The goose had to find the crab in every hole, both ground and large trees holes. Every time it looked into holes, its neck grew even longer. its friends were shocked knowing what had happened to the goose’s neck. However, the goose stayed calm. it even felt happy for what it had.
The search lasted several days. The crab was found willowing in a brackish area. However, due to the search, the goose’s neck became long and could not shorten again.
  1. What is the topic of the story?
    A. A good neightbour.
    B. A nice neighbourhood.
    C. A goose and duck.
    D. Animal’s friendship.
  2. Why did the animals search for the crab?
    A. it lost on its way home.
    B. it went without notices.
    C. it moved to a new home.
    D. it needed their help.
  3. Why did the animals love chatting at the river bank?
    A. The crocodile was kind.
    B. The river was clean.
    C. It was comfortable.
    D. Food was available.
  4. What were the animal like?
    A. They cared for each other.
    B. They liked chatting every day.
    C. They were lazy and ignorant.
    D. They worked day and night.

Kunci Jawaban

  1. A
  2. D
  3. D
  4. B
  5. A
  6. C
  7. D
  8. A
  9. C
  10. B
  11. A
  12. B
  13. D
  14. C
  15. D
  16. D
  17. C
  18. B
  19. A
  20. A
  21. C
  22. D
  23. C
  24. D
  25. A
  26. C
  27. D
  28. B
  29. C
  30. A

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