Pronoun : Pengertian, Definite, Indefinite, Dan Contoh Soal

Pengertian Pronoun

Pronoun atau kata ganti orang merupakan kata pengganti sebuah kata benda atau pronoun yang lain. Pronoun ini meliputi dua macam yaitu: Definite Pronoun (Kata ganti tertentu) dan Indefinite Pronoun (Kata ganti tak tentu).

A. Definite Pronoun

Definite pronoun atau kata ganti tertentu digunakan untuk menggantikan kata benda yang sudah diketahui ataupun sudah disebut sebelumnya. Pada pemakaiannya kata ganti tertentu disesuaikan dengan letaknya atau fungsinya dalam kalimat. Contoh definite pronoun: I, he, your …, yourself, mine.
Contoh kalimat:
Nana love her mom. menjadi –> She love her.
(Kata yang ditebali dan bergaris bawah merupakan pronoun)

Berikut tabel defintie pronoun:

SubjekObjekMilik + BendaMilik tanpa bendaRefleksif (Sendiri)
Imemy …minemyself
youyouyour …yoursyourself
hehimhis …hishimself
sheherher … hersherself
ititits …itsitself
weusour …oursourselves
youyouyour …yoursyourselves
theythemtheir …theirsthemselves

B. Indefinite Pronoun

Indefinite pornoun atau kata ganti tak tentu biasanya digunakan ketika sesuatu yang disebutkan masih belum pasti atau belum diketahui. Contoh indefinite pronoun: someone, anyone, other, each other. Berikut jenis-jenis indefinite pronoun beserta penjelasannya:

1. Someone, Somebody, Something

Someone atau Somebody berarti seseorang, digunakan untuk menyebutkan seseorang yang belum diketahui siapa. Sedangkan something berarti sesuatu, digunakan untuk menyebutkan benda yang masih misteri atau belum diketahui.
Contoh dalam kalimat:
– I will ask someone for the text way.
(Aku akan bertanya pada seseorang untuk arah selanjutnya)
– I have something in my pocket. Can you guess?
(Aku punya sesuatu di dalam sakuku. Bisakah kau menebaknya?)

2. Everyone, Everybody, Everything

Everyone atau Everybody berarti setiap orang atau semua orang, digunakan untuk menyebutkan semua orang yang ada di dalam suatu kelompok atau grup. Sedangkan Everything berarti semuanya atau segalanya, digunakan untuk menyebutkan segala benda yang dimaksud.
Contoh dalam kalimat:
– Everybody in this world will die some day.
(Setiap orang di dunia ini akan meninggal suatu hari)
– Everything is getting expensive nowadays.
(Segalanya menjadi sangat mahal akhir-akhir ini)

3. No one (none), Nobody, Nothing

No one (none) atau Nobody berarti tak seorangpun atau tidak satu orang pun, bermakna negatif, digunakan untuk menyebutkan bahwa tidak ada satu orang pun. Sedangkan Nothing berarti tidak ada apapun, bermakna negatif juga, digunakan untuk menyebutkan bahwa tidak ada apapun.
Contoh dalam kalimat:
– Nobody can answer the difficult question. —> None can answer the difficult question.
(Tidak ada seorangpun yang dapat menjawab pertanyaan yang sulit itu)
– There is nothing in her bag.
(Tidak ada apapun di dalam tasnya)

4. Anyone, Anybody, Anything

Anyone atau Anybody berarti seseorang, diikuti dengan pola kalimat negatif (not). Sedangkan anything berarti sesuatu, diikuti juga dengan pola kalimat negatif (not).
Contoh dalam kalimat:
– I don’t see anyone in the room after class.
(Aku tidak melihat seseorangpun di kelas seusai sekolah)
– I don’t see anything in the darkness.
(Aku tidak dapat melihat apapun di dalam kegelapan)

5. Another, Other, Others, The other, the others

a. Another digunakan untuk pengganti benda yang belum jelas dan tunggal
b. Other diikuti kata benda yang belum jelas tunggal atau jamak
c. Others digunakan untuk pengganti benda yang belum jelas dan jamak
d. The other digunakan untuk pengganti benda yang sudah jelas baik tunggal atau jamak
e.The others digunakan untuk pengganti benda yang belum jelas dan jamak
Contoh dalam kalimat:
– This shirt doesn’t suit me. Will you give me another?
(Baju ini tidak pas untukku. Bisakah anda memberiku yang lain?)
– Some people like reading newspapers, others like watching tv.
(beberapa orang suka membaca koran, lainnya suka menonton tv)
– There are two books in the bag. One is mine, and the other book (the other) is Andi’s.
(Ada dua buku di dalam tas. Satu milikku, dan buku lainnya milik Andi)
– Some students in my class like Mathematics, but the other students (the others) like English.
(Beberapa murid di kelasku suka Matematika, tapi murid lainnya suka Bahasa Inggris)

6. Each other, One another

Each other berarti saling … (kata kerja), digunakan untuk menyatakan dua orang yang saling … antara satu pihak dengan satu pihak lainnya. Sedangkan One another berarti saling … (kata kerja), digunakan untuk menyatakan banyak orang atau lebih dari dua orang yang saling … satu sama lin.
Contoh dalam kalimat:
– The boy and the girl love each other.
(Cowok itu dan cewek itu saling mencintai)
– The new students in the class do not talk because they haven’t known each one another.
(Para siswa di kelas tidak berbicara karena mereka belum mengenal satu sama lain)

7. This, These, That, Those

This dan These berarti ini, perbedaannya, This digunakan untuk menyebutkan kata benda tunggal, sedangkan These digunakan untuk menyebutkan kata benda jamak. That dan Those berarti itu, perbedaannya, That digunakan untuk menyebutkan kata benda tunggal, sedangkan Those digunakan untuk menyebutkan kata benda jamak.
Contoh dalam kalimat:
– This is not my my umbrella.
(Ini bukan payungku)
– That is my umbrella.
(Itu payungku)
– These are expensive umbrellas.
(Ini adalah payung-payung yang mahal)
– Those are cheap umbrellas.
(Itu adalah payung-payung yang murah)

Contoh Soal

Untuk lebih memahami materi pronoun berikut 25 coontoh soal pilihan ganda beserta kunci jawabannya.

Choose the correct answer!
1. Yunita : Have you heard that Merapi Mountain erupted last night?
Martini : Do you know how many animals were killed?
Yunita : all, ____ of them was safe.
A. some
B. both
C. each
D. none
Jawaban : D

2. Anto : What is Mr. Usma’s hair like?
Susi : … hair is curly.
A. Our
B. Your
C. Her
D. His
Jawaban D

3. Mother : Andi, … hair is already very long.
Andi : Well, I have it cut.
A. your
B. my
C. her
D. his
Jawaban : A

4. Hasan : Who sull join the trip to Bali?
Angga : … they all are looking forward to the trip.
A. No one
B. Someone
C. Everyone
D. Anyone
Jawaban ; C

5. Customer : I’d like to buy a refrigerator and a mixer. Can I have a look at them, please?
Shopkeeper : Of course, you can. What about a television set?
Customer : No, thank. I don’t need …
A. nothing else
B. anything else
C. everything else
D. somehthing else
Jawaban : B

6. One night a thief was returning home from a robbery. It was a very quiet night because it was very late. Nothing could be heard but the sounds of small creatures. He met … along the road. All the people had had a deep sleep.
A. everybody
B. some people
C. nobody
D. somebody
Jawaban : C

7. Once in a forest there lived a cat and a rabbit. they were very good friends. One day when they were walking together through the forest, they found a big piece of cheese. They were very pleased, and agreed to share … The decided that the rabbit should divide it equally, but he could not. One piece was a little bit bigger than the other.
A. it
B. them
C. its
D. their
Jawaban : A

8. Fenny : Which newspaper is yours? This one or that one?
Yudo : … of them.
Fenny : Are they?
Yudo : Yes. Because not only the Surabaya Post but also the Jakarta Post is good and useful for me.
A. Some
B. Each
C. Both
D. None
Jawaban : C

9. Books which give instructions on how to do things are very popular in the United States today. Thousands of these “how to” books are available. One book may tell you how to earn more money, another may tell how to give your money away. But … of the books give advice on how to save and spend money.
A. a little
B. none
C. both
D. a few
Jawaban : C

10. Brother : Is this your box?
Sister : No.
Brother : So, who has put it in here?
Sister : …, but I don’t know who.
A. Anyone has
B. Someone has
C. Everyone has
D. No one has
Jawaban : B

11. koko : I think I won’t borrow this magazine.
Cerry : But why?
Koko : … of the article is interesting.
Cerry : Oh yeah? But I like the short story in it.
A. Some
B. All
C. Both
D. None
Jawaban : D

12. Roni : Did you enjoy your holiday, Tina?
Tina : Of course I did. … felt very happy except Ervan. He lost his shoes.
A. Everybody
B. Anybody
C Nobody
D. Somebody
Jawaban : A

13. When Rini and I were in the yard, father called …
A. us
B. they
C. their
D. we
Jawaban : A

14. Clerk : Do you have any luggage to check through?
Passenger : yes, I have one suitcase.
Clerk : Will you put your suitcase on the detector?
Passenger : Why?
Clerk : Because … has to check his luggage.
A. everything
B. something
C. everyone
D. someone
Jawaban : D

15. I don’t like this shirt. Give me … one, please.
A. other
B. others
C. another
D. the other
Jawaban : A

16. This umbrella is red, but … is black.
A. the other
B. the others
C. another
D. other
Jawaban : A

17. Mr. Ismail is their history teacher. He teaches … very well.
A. them
B. us
C. me
D. him
Jawaban : A

18. On my way home yesterday, I heard … falling from the tree.
A. something
B. everything
C. anything
D. all things
Jawaban : A

19. I need a dictionary. Could you lend me … ?
A. your
B. yours
C. you
D. your’s
Jawaban : B

20. Andi : Is that girl your sister?
Hasan : Yes, she is.
Andi : I met … yesterday.
A. them
B. hers
C. her
D. him
Jawaban : C

21. Mr. and Mrs. Wachid went to Sanur Beach with … children.
A. his
B. her
C. theirs
D. their
Jawaban : D

22. What are the elephant’s ears like?
… ears are big like fans.
A. their
B. his
C. it’s
D. its
Jawaban : D

23. Susy’s uncle is carrying a bag. … is going to the office.
A. She
B. His
C. He
D. Him
Jawaban : C

24. Tony and I have many books. These books are …
A. theirs
B. his
C. yours
D. ours
Jawaban : D

25. … is ill now. The doctor will examine her soon.
A. Mr. William
B. Mrs. William’s father
C. Mrs. William’s daughter
D. Mr. William’s brother
Jawaban : C

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