50 Soal Conditional Sentences Dan Kunci Jawaban

Materi conditional sentences yang telah dipelajari tidak akan benar-benar dipahami tanpa latihan soal. Berikut adalah beberapa contoh latihan soal conditional sentences agar mempermudah kalian dalam memahami apa itu kalimat bersyarat atau conditional sentences.

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Soal Pilihan Ganda

1. If I … (finish) my assignment tonight, I will go to Mall with my friends.
a. finish
b. finishes
c. would finish
d. had finished

Jawabannya : A (finish)

2. If you cook vegetables for long time, they … (lose) their nutrients.
a. lose
b. loses
c. had lose
d. would lose

Jawabannya : A (lose)

3. I would never lend to you if I … (know) before.
a. know
b. knows
c. knew
d. had known

Jawabannya : C (knew)

4. If we … (wake up) earlier, we would have reached school.
a. wake up
b. woke up
c. woken up
d. had woken up

Jawabannya : D (had woken up)

5. Dinda would buy tens luxury houses if she … (win) the lottery.
a. win
b. wins
c. won
d. had won

Jawabannya : C (won)

6. If the Sun rises on the west, the world … (end)
a. end
b. ends
c. ended
d. will end

Jawabannya : B (ends)

7. They … (bring) the cake if the baker had finished it.
a. brought
b. had brought
c. would brought
d. would have brought

Jawabannya : D (would have brought)

8. Ramadhan will be so silent if Corona … (not;leave) soon.
a. not leave
b. don’t leave
c. doesn’t leave
d. had left

Jawabannya : C (doesn’t leave)

9. If today is your birthday, I … (give) you present.
a. give
b. gives
c. will give
d. would give

Jawabannya : C (will give)

10. Nothing is going to change my love for you if you always … (love) me too.
a. love
b. loves
c. loving
d. will love

Jawabannya : A (love)

11. If Rafli gets score more than 90, his mom … (buy) PS 4 for him.
a. buy
b. buys
c. will buy
d. would buy

Jawabannya : C (will buy)

12. Dinda would erase all policies she hated if she … (be) a president.
a. was
b. being
c. to be
d. were

Jawabannya : D (were)

13. If my brother … (study) hard, he would have passed the exam well.
a. studies
b. had study
c. had studied
d. have studied

Jawabannya : C (had studied)

14. Indonesian people would be safe from corona if they … (keep) healthy environment.
a. keep
b. kept
c. keeping
d. had kept

Jawabannya : B (kept)

15. You will never earn money if you just … (stay) at home doing nothing.
a. stay
b. stays
c. stayed
d. staying

Jawabannya : A (stay)

16. 2020 graders would do UNBK if corona … (go) away.
a. goes
b. went
c. gone
d. had gone

Jawabannya : B (went)

17. If my brother and I finish the homework this evening, we … (watch) TV tonight.
a. can watch
b. could watch
c. can be watched
d. could be watched

Jawabannya : A (can watch)

18. They … (win) the match if the had trained harder.
a. won
b. had won
c. would won
d. would have won

Jawabannya : D (would have won)

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19. If I were rich, I … (collect) many branded bags.
a. collected
b. would collect
c. had collected
d. would collected

Jawabannya : B (would collect)

20. The cock crows if morning … (come).
a. come
b. comes
c. came
d. had come

Jawabannya : B (comes)

Soal Isian Singkat (Tipe Zero & First Conditional)

1. Avatar will make peace the 4 worlds if Avatar … (master) 4 elements.

2. If you eat, you … (feel) full.

3. There will be no mercy if you always … (do) this again.

4. Will you marry me if I … (have) much money?

5. My laptop … (work) well if the battery is full charge.

6. If you close your eyes, you … (not; see) anything.

7. If we have good character, everyone … (like) us.

8. Shinta will not wear her dress if the tailor … (not;finish) it.

9. You (earn) money if you don’t have job.

10. It … (light) if you turn the light on.

1. masters
2. feel
3. do
4. have
5. will work
6. can not
7. will like
8. doesn’t finish
9. will not earn / won’t earn
10. lights

Soal Isian Singkat (Tipe Second Conditional)

1. If you were a president, this country … (shatter).

2. Tiara would date you if you … (get) much inheritance.

3. Desy … (buy) many expensive sport cars if she won the lottery.

4. If Corona didn’t exist, the world … (keep) in peace.

5. If Dono … (have) a girlfriend, he would be vain.

6. My father would leave my mother if she … (cheat) from him.

7. The world war IV would happen if some countries … (fight) each other.

8. If we ate all the pizza last night, we … (get) stomacache.

9. I would lend you some money if I … (have) it.

10. Bill … (slap) Liza if she hung out with other guy.

1. would shatter
2. got
3. would buy
4. would keep
5. had
6. cheated
7. fought
8. would get
9. had
10. would slap

Soal Isian Singkat (Tipe Third Conditional)

1. If they had trained hard before, they … (win) the match.

2. Kelly would have cooked the soup if she … (not;sleep) in the living room.

3. If we … (publish) this, we would have been popular.

4. If my laptop had had high-end features, I … (download) all the big size game.

5. Beny would have joined that team if he … (pass) the test well.

6. If Dinda … (bring) an umbrella, she wouldn’t have got wet.

7. Your boyfriend … (reject) your calls if you had replied his text message fast.

8. Would you have given her apologies if she … (ask) forgiveness?

9. If Doni had seen the doctor, he … (feel) better now.

10. If we had passed this season, we … (go) for holiday.

1. would have won
2. hadn’t slept
3. had published
4. would have downloaded
5. had passed
6. had brought
7. would have rejected
8. had asked
9. would have felt
10. would have gone

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